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1 21505 A Proposed Framework for Generating Random Objective  Exams using Paragraphs of Electronic Courses Live
2 21180 Validation of a method for determination of organophosphates in black-bean samples Live
3 21486 Effect of addition of antioxidants in the freezing of boar semen on the motility and viability of sperm Live
4 21308 An exploration into the development of female leadership capability in the Saudi Arabian education sector Live
5 21273 New approach to the plasma quantum condensate, as a new state of matter Live
6 21546 A Comparative Evaluation of the effect of Virgin Coconut Oil and Chlorhexidine Mouthwash on Periodontal Pathogens - an Invitro Microbial Study Live
7 21520 Prevalence of Superstitious Beliefs and Their Relationship with Social Compliance among Female Students of Primary Education section, Al-Qassim University Live
8 21542 Effect of dry cupping therapy at acupoint bl23 on intensity and quality of postpartum low back pain Live
9 21559 Role of triple phase ct in evaluation of focal liver lesions Live
10 21524 Clinical approach to urinary calculi and lifestyle modifications to prevent IT Live
11 21518 Antimicrobial activities of the shell of the crab portunus pelagicus (linnaeus, 1758) from thoothukudi coast Live
12 21516 Autopsy findings in diffuse axonal injury statistical review Live
13 21511 Health seeking behaviour and reasons for delay in diagnosis and care of Tuberculosis patients in a tertiary care hospital, Berhampur Live
14 21503 Seed invigoration treatments employing ecofriendly wet and dry powdered botanicals alongwith pharmaceuticals for improved storability and field performance of high-medium vigour wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Live
15 21495 NON-MUSLIMS’ views of co-existence with muslims in seremban, negeri sembilan, Malaysia Live
16 21493 Primary malignant melanoma of small intestine presenting as intestinal obstruction Live
17 21470 Optimal Design of High-Pass FIR Filter By Blackman, Rectangular, Tringular and Taylor Window Techniques Live
18 21462 “Role of Guduchi Swarasa As A Medhya Rasayana” A Clinical Study Live
19 21454 Role of imaging in chordoma with histopathological  correlation Live
20 21448 The level of stress among nursing students in selected nursing college, odisha Live
21 21407 Study of oxidative stress and serum paraoxonase 1(PON 1) In essential hypertension Live
22 21353 In Vitro antiinflammatory activity of different varieties of musa sapientum (BANANA) peel extract Live
23 21494 Spindle cells: Histology & structure – An insight Live
24 21504 Envisioning Medicine of tomorrow Live
25 21537 Oral cancer profile among patients who underwent oral biopsy in a tertiary referral centre in central Kerala India Live
26 21361 Knowledge and practice of contact lens use among young wearers Live
27 21294 Ethogram in bannur sheep under farm condition Live
28 20506 Removable noise from sos nonlinear system using adaptive second order lms volterra series filter Live
29 20272 Isolation of aerobic micro-organism from dental unit waterlines attached to a ultrasonic scaler device Live
30 21365 Determination of metal particles released from titanium endosseous implants by exfoliative cytology: A clinical evaluation Live
31 21450 Working of MGNREGS with Special Reference to Senapati District of Manipur, India Live
32 20920 Classroom management problems and coping strategies of students’ misbehaviours in government secondary schools of arsi zone Live
33 21139 A guide to women with low back pain Live
34 21499 Prevalence of anatomical variations and incidental pathologies in antrum of highmore detected by cone beam computed tomography -a retrospective study Live
35 21223 Flowering, pollination and fruiting of some introduced olive cultivars in Al-Jouf region Live
36 21548 Bleeding per vaginum in first trimester of pregnancy : role of ultrasonography and its clinical correlation Live
37 21459 Perception of Nurses working in Kozhikode towards Evidence Based Practice -A Cross Sectional Study Protocol Live
38 21424 Role of 3D MR sequences in the evaluation of glenoid labral tears in comparison with conventional MRI Live
39 21390 Influence of Two Promising Products (silibinin and trans-retinoic acid) on Immunophenotypic Characterization of Leukemic Cells Propagated Ex-Vivo Live
40 21359 Rfid based smart car parking reservation using android application Live
41 21331 CHANGES in ‘POINT-A’ ON ‘ANGLE SNA’ IN Angle’s CLASS II DIV 1 malocclusion cases treated with maxillary first premolar extraction– A cephalometric study Live
42 21543 Ivy Gourd – Medicinal and Nutritional Values Live
43 20830 Comparing of two different designs of mouth prop in surgical removal of third molar – A Clinical study Live
44 21371 MASTALGIA: Psychological Intervention and its impact on Quality of life Live
45 21322 Ebola and its associated social determinants of health – A public health perspective Live
46 21481 A quasi-experimental study to assess the effectiveness of care based on Roy's adaptation model (physiological dimensions) among pediatric patients suffering from upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) Live
47 21451 The membrane - redox potentials three - state line system dependent - full 9 stepped cycle of proton conductance is scientific basis to avoid the barrier of study as lack of mass occured in Traditional Medical Training Live
48 21324 Evaluation of upper and lower pharyngeal airway widths in class-i and class-ii malocclusion with different growth patterns Live
49 20935 Awareness and Knowledge of Digital Impression Technique among Dental Students in Various Institutions Live
50 21105 A Collaborative Approach Towards Speech Analysis In Patients Rehabilitated With Maxillary Obturator Prosthesis : Case Review Live
51 21178 A study to compare antigen based enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) , rapid method and microscopy for detection of malaria in blood donors to prevent transfusion transmitted malaria Live
52 21346 Comparison of fibrin glue and sutures for attaching limbal conjunctival autograft after pterygium excision Live
53 21351 Improvement in Performance of Active Clamp Forward Converter with Fuzzy Logic Controller Live
54 20985 Assessment of anticipatory maternal anxiety and its effect on the child's behaviour in the dental setting with and without the use of pre-appointment behaviour modification Live
55 21355 Evidence Based Case Study Report on a Forward Head Posture Subject with Cervical Disc Lesion and Abdominal Muscle Weakness Treated with Physiotherapy Live
56 21382 Effects of lavender tea on fatigue, sleep disturbance and maternal-infant attachment in postnatal mother Live
57 21441 Spatio-temporal Variations and Bottom Sedimental Influence on the Diversity of Water Birds in Koothiappar Wetlands, Tiruchirappalli District Tamilnadu, South India Live
58 21445 Varicosities burden in pregnancy: Treatment dillemas and recent updates Live
59 21383 Bowel obstruction following lap appendectomy and open appendectomy Live
60 21328 Diagnostic study of Bambara groundnut production, marketing, agronomic practices for food security and income in Kagera Region, Tanzania Live
61 21184 Prevalence and Characteristics of Scabies Patients in Bandung Public Hospital in2014⸺2015 Live
62 21252 Influence of extracts of leaves of yam bean (pachyrrhizus erosus) against the death of the larvae of aedes aegypti sp Live
63 16415 Determination of Microbial Level of Environmental Water Used for Consumption in Selected Areas of Eastern Senatorial District of Kogi State, Nigeria Live
64 21401 Deployment of maternal healthcare services at public hospitals: Global perspective Live
65 21079 Cadmium Induced Breast Cancer and RNA Gene Expression Live
66 21412 Transabdominal pre-peritoneal (TAPP) mesh with external fixation( Abdelhamid technique) versus Lichtensteinin for repair of recurrent inguinal hernia Live
67 21474 The Effectiveness of Using Cognitive Trips Via Web (Web Quest) in Teaching  Introduction to Mathematics on the Mental Motivation Development Among Female  Education Students at Afif Live
68 20800 The Effect of Strength Training in Young Tennis Players on Physical Performance Live
69 21444 What you measure is what you get! Intellectual Capital and Bibliometry Research in Portugal Research Units Live
70 20436 Conversion disorder: a rare psychiatric presentation, in a 15year old depressed female adolescent at the university of port harcourt teaching hospital, Nigeria: A case report Live
71 20425 Socio-demographic and psychosocial correlates of psychiatric morbidity in hiv positive patients in a tertiary hospital in Nigeria Live
72 20423 Prevalence of psychiatric morbidity in hiv positive patients in a tertiary hospital in Nigeria Live
73 20415 Impact of persistent physical symptoms on the development of psychiatric morbidity in hiv positive patients; Need for early identification and treatment Live
74 20403 Clinical correlates of psychiatric morbidity and risk factors for hiv patients in nigeria’s niger delta region Live
75 20718 Primary mucinous adenocarcinoma of the vagina: A case report Live
76 20626 Cash-savings of farmers in rural savings and credit cooperatives (Rusaccos) in southern Ethiopia Live
77 20854 The cross river monliths in historical perspective Live
78 21028 The Use of the Hansen Solubility Parameters in the Selection of Protective Polymeric Materials Resistant to Chemicals Live
79 20358 Food choices of adolescents and its associated health implications in adansi north district of ghana Live
80 20588 Urban Land Administration Practices in Emerging Cities of Ethiopia: The Case of Shashemene City of Oromia Regional State, Southern Ethiopia Live
81 20281 The ROR'S methodology an it's possibility to find information in a white noise Live
82 21117 Sexual violence against women and girls in Burundi Live
83 21199 The Benefits of the Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine (HPV), as a Preventive Measure for Prevalence in Women Live
84 21157 Designing Teaching and Learning of Malay Language Through Lesson study Based Approach Live
85 21212 Effect of Storage time of extended pour alginate impression on dimensional accuracy Live
86 21239 Impact of Water Management with special reference to Smart Environment and Smart Cities for Sustainable Development Live
87 21411 Effect of Various Seed Treatment on Seed Germination Parameters in Wild Fig (Ficus palmate L.) Live
88 21394 Effect of Implant Design and Surface Modification on Osseointegration – A Systematic Review Live
89 21315 A Study on MGNREGA: “Employment Generation for tribal and schedule caste of Rajasthan”. Live
90 21337 Rasa kamadhenu- An overview Live
91 21388 Effect of factors marketing mix (4P’S) on customer satisfaction and loyalty to airline in air cargo transport in vietnam's market Live
92 21343 Effectiveness of Cariogram in assessing caries risk among 12 year old school going children at Puducherry– A Cross Sectional study Live
93 21334 Determination of reinforcement of fibre with composite in root filled teeth, comparison of restoration techniques: an in- vitro technique Live
94 21326 Elimination of harmonics in power system by the combination of passive and active filter with p-q control technique Live
95 21381 Picogram level quantification of afatinib in human plasma samples by LC–ESI-MS/MS Live
96 21335 To compare the perception of pink aesthetics with papilla in varying proportion to the teeth among Indian population Live
97 21309 Leakage Current and Power Reduction Techniques in Combinational Circuits Live
98 21389 Free radical scavenging activity of leaves of volkameria inermis Live
99 21387 Prognostication of Acute Pancreatitis using Simple SIRS Score and Serum Interleukin-6 Concentration for Effective Intervention of Severe Acute Pancreatitis in Primary Health Care Live
100 21270 Assessment of mental health among young middle aged population Live
101 21091 A rare case of Multiple hypercemetosis in a female patient Live
102 21295 Variations in signature of a person in different body positions Live
103 21323 Enucleation and Chemical Cauterization of Odontogenic keratocyst Followed by prosthetic rehabilitation with dental implants; 2 year follow up: A case report Live
104 21218 Role models for medical students at Medical University- Sofia Live
105 21377 Surface Characterization and Properties of Raw and Degummed (Bombyx mori)Silk Fibroin Fiber toward High Performance Applications of “Kisswa Al-Kabba” Live
106 21341 Validity of Adenosine Deaminase Levels in Cerebrospinal Fluid in Tuberculous Meningitis- A Study from North Bihar Live
107 21205 Application of Phosphorus and potassium for Soybean (Glycine max l.) Response in acidic soils of Wolaita zone, southern Ethiopia Live
108 21330 Association of Thrombocytopenia and prolong bleeding time in children suffering from malaria Live
109 21240 Judging the special opportunities, special facilities and reservation in education and job for backward section from the standpoint of economy or financial condition to ensure the equity of opportunity in purulia district of west bengal Live
110 21280 Green Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles for Plant Disease Diagnosis: A Review Live
111 21253 Whether storage facilities alter hba1c values? Live
112 21242 Self concept of college students Live
113 21272 Weightless dentures: Case reports Live
114 21282 Periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (PAOO) - a review Live
115 21288 Oral health and nutritional status among patients with Parkinson’s disease in India Live
116 21297 An Empirical Investigation on Macroeconomic Determinants of Tourist Arrivals to Sri Lanka Live
117 21314 Effect of Storage Time on some Serum Analytes Live
118 21313 Yoga and periodontal health - a holistic view Live
119 21293 Prevalence of Early Childhood Caries and associated risk factors in preschool children of Sangamner, Maharashtra Live
120 21307 ORO-Facial-digital syndrome Live
121 21171 Synthesis and characterization of zno and al doped zno thin films by sol-gel method and its photocatalytic activity Live
122 20906 A Survey of Oromo Popular Superstitions with Reference to Selected Districts in Bale Zone Live
123 21217 Integrated learning and Evaluation by Problem based learning in undergraduate medical students Live
124 21195 Effect of Funneliformis mossae (AMF) on growth of wheat (Triticum aestivum) grown in fly ash amended soil Live
125 21208 Motivation through envy and jealousy: analyzing narratives from mahabharata Live
126 20932 Antibacterial activity of lozenges against enterococcus faecalis from dental caries Live
127 21298 Acceleration of tooth movement Live
128 21303 Comparative evaluation of treatment duration and changes using corticotomy assisted self ligating technique and conventional MBT technique Live
129 21215 Acute aortic dissection: Update on diagnosis and application of endovascular therapy of emergency Live
130 21153 To correlate the life style with body mass index and nutrient intake in adolescents Live
131 21194 Dyke-davidoff-masson syndrome: radiological imaging findings Live
132 21283 A comparative study of visual outcome with superior, supero temporal and temporal incisions in manual small incision cataract surgery Live
133 21103 Trends In Restoring Atrophied Mandibular Ridges With Implants Over A Period Of Three Decades – A Systematic Review Live
134 21181 Measurement of absorbance through mixture of solution filters Live
135 21267 IFRS in India Live
136 21260 Comparison of india air act with 3 other air acts (The united kingdom, india, the republic of china and philippines) Live
137 21116 Digitization of indian banking sector – need of the hour; with special reference to post demonetization period Live
138 21126 Geochemistry, Petrogenesis and Metallogenesis of the Wadi Qutabah Gabbroic Intrusion and Associated Ni-Cu Deposits, North West Yemen Live
139 21134 Sleep disorders in asthmatic children: an observational study at tertiary care hospital Live
140 21154 Cord Blood Total Protein, Albumin and Bilirubin levels and their relation with the onset and severity of neonatal jaundice Live
141 21159 Nutrition and Bronchial Asthma Live
142 21173 Electoral violence in nigeria: a case study of niger delta Live
143 21201 Integrated Horticulture Production Systems in NE Region of India Live
144 21204 The impact of iran’s membership in wto, opportunities and threats and its international relations Live
145 21230 Growth-Inflation nexus: Threshold model of inflation in India Live
146 21231 Some properties of con-secondary k-normal bimatrices Live
147 21238 A Comparative Study of Working Aged and Retired Persons Live
148 21152 Role of probiotics in caries control -: A clinical study Live
149 21185 Rhinosporidiosis with special reference to extra nasal presentation Live
150 21132 Seven Root Canals in a Permanent Maxillary First Molar Deciphered By Cone Beam CT: A Case Report Live
151 21226 Diagnostic and therapeutic approach in unilateral diaphragmatic paralysis Live
152 21241 Splenic rupture by tubular drain in a patient with necrotizing pancreatitis: case report and review Live
153 21115 Corporate Governance to family Governance, Which is More Relevant: Case Study on Tata Group Live
154 21245 Clinical profile of viral hepatitis in a tertiary care hospital of odisha Live
155 21209 Genetic variation and grain yield analysis in late sown wheat variety Live
156 21174 Short term effects of non-surgical periodontal treatment on plasma level of reactive oxygen metabolites in patients with chronic periodontitis - a clinical and a biochemical study Live
157 21158 Multilingualism in luxembourg Live
158 20175 Phytochemical constituents and antioxidant activity of Strychnos camptoneura Gilg & Busse (Loganiaceae) leaves Live
159 21261 Factors Affecting the Academic Performance among female Nursing Students Live
160 21075 Assessment of the genetic diversity and the relationship among Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) accessions from DR-Congo germplasm using SSR molecular markers Live
161 21074 Morphovariability and agronomic characteristics among Common bean accessions from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR-Congo) Germplsm Live
162 20381 Effect of glutaraldehyde and microwave disinfection on dimensional accuracy of 2 commercially available heat cured denture bases Live
163 19411 Early management of skeletal class iii malocclusion with deciduous dentition anchorage- 2 yr clinical follow up Live
164 20933 Potential alternative to formaldehyde fixatives - A Study Live
165 21140 A case of central tracheal mass diagnosed as endobronchial tuberculosis Live
166 20760 Assessment of nutritional status of regular adolescent swimmers (13-18 yrs) Live
167 20388 “Effect of intracanal medicaments used in endodontic regeneration procedures on microhardness and chemical structure of dentin” - An In Vitro Study Live
168 21025 Established Chonemorpha fragrans callus exhibited biological activities as that of plant extract Live
169 21342 Periodontal regeneration with a combination of bone graft and concentrated growth factor Live
170 21186 Teaching and learning with ICT: Current status and future directives with reference to under graduate education in Goa Live
171 19192 Assessment of systemic uric acid levels among consumers of alcoholic beverages in Port Harcourt Nigeria Live
172 18296 Extractive spectrophotometric determination of copper(II) by using 2, 6-dithiol-4-ethylphenol as an analytical reagent Live
173 21095 Effect of pretreatments on physiochemical properties of apple candy during storage Live
174 20991 PDTDB – An Integrative Structural Database and Prediction Server for Plant MetabolitesandTherapeutic Drug Targets Live
175 20990 Ambient Air Quality Analysis of Kurnool city, India Live
176 20984 Locoregional flaps used in oral cavity surgical resection Live
177 20989 Systematic analysis on gingival health after gingival retraction using various techniques in prosthodontics Live
178 20895 Formulation and evaluation of mouth dissolving tablets of amiodarone hcl by using natural superdisintegrants Live
179 20458 Attitude of rural adults towards tobacco chewing Live
180 20746 Zika virus, from discovery to the present days: bibliometric review study Live
181 20867 Antibacterial activity of ginger oil against clinical isolates of enterococcus species Live
182 20891 Adsorption, isotherm studies on the removal of cationic dye from aqueous solution by the use of activated carbon-mno2-nanocomposite Live
183 20550 Fixed functional appliances: An overview Live
184 20567 Fibrinolytic effect of protease enzyme from Pseudomonas putida B-18 Live
185 21093 Evaluation of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and Free Thyroxine and their Correlations with other Biomarkers in Sudanese Pre-eclamptic Cases Live
186 20057 Lasers in oromucosal lesions - a literature review Live
187 20902 Richness of macroscopic fungi (basidiomycota): a space to conserve Live
188 20679 Anaesthetic challenges in a child with sickle-cell disease and congenital heart block Live
189 21089 Presaturation method for diminishing soil swelling potential (Review) Live
190 20917 Progression Of Myopia At King Abdul-Aziz University Medical Student In 2015 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Live
191 20289 An audit of various endoscopic findings in patients presenting with non-specific abdominal pain Live
192 21094 New Developments and Research Challenges for 5G  Wireless Systems and Networks Live
193 20290 Study of post cholecystectomy biliary leakage and its management Live
194 21034 Family-negatives in the process of organ and tissue donation for transplantation Negativas familiares no processo de doação de órgãos e tecidos para transplante Live
195 19111 Percutaneous locking plates for fractures of the distal tibia: our experience and a review of literature Live
196 18937 Effects of early treatment on mortality in one year in elderly patients with hip fractures Live
197 20306 Unusual complication of levetiracetam – a case report from a teritary hospital Live
198 21086 Application of MR diffusion weighted imaging ADC in liver cirrhosis in the North-East China population Live
199 20256 Clinical and histopathological variance in healing of leukoplakia with diode lasers versus scalpel: evidence based comparative study Live
200 21111 Hyperthyroidism presenting as hypokalemic periodic paralysis in a previously asymptomatic man- a case report Live
201 19937 Review on aloe vera- the plant of marvel in the filed of medicine and dentistry Live
202 20229 Instrumental assistance of delivery Live
203 20744 Recent developments in the removal of organic matter using a spiral support system Live
204 20359 A concept of “vātavyādhivatacikitsā” siddhānt in the management of bādhirya Live
205 21052 Analyses of drinking water quality and sanitary conditions among peasants (by the sociological survey) Live
206 19804 Assesment of gingival fibroblast cytotoxicity of recasted cobalt chromium dental alloy- in vitro study Live
207 21084 An Unusual Presentation of Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma in Mandibular Anterior Region- A Case Report Live
208 19840 Assessment of changes in volume of nickel compounds interacting with the chemical elements Live
209 21063 Effect of Curcuma longa loaded lauric acid lipid vehicle against Propionibacterium acnes and its cytotoxic effects on PBMC and HaCaT Live
210 20972 Awareness knowledge and attitude among final year , postgraduate and dental practitioners on residual alveolar ridegs : a questionnaire based study Live
211 20918 Strongyloides stercoralis infection in an immunocompetent adult: a diagnostic dilemma in helminthology Live
212 20799 Antimicrobial effect of crude extract of garlic towards oral microbiome Live
213 20709 Power factor improvement using dc-dc converter in bldc motor drives Live
214 20763 V.A.C. ® Therapy in Neonatal Population: A Case Study Live
215 21112 A massive growth in an uncommon site in mandible “Pyogenic Granuloma”- A Case Report Live
216 20907 Influence of trainee teachers’ perceived competence about computer on integration of computer technology into future teaching practices Live
217 21047 Dentist knowledge, attitude and practices towards biomedical waste management Live
218 21099 Peripheral Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor of the anterior maxillary gingiva: A rare case report with CBCT findings Live
219 20998 The Implementation of Electronic Government-Based Village Governance in Village Autonomy Era Live
220 19838 Black bone mri – a new era of paradigm shift in maxillo-cranio-facial imaging Live
221 21077 Stress-an occupational health hazard in school teachers Live
222 21066 Bone Density In Immediate, Delayed And Progressive Implant Loading Protocols In Maxillary Posterior Region Live
223 21042 Nutrition: Risk free analysis tool Live
224 21123 Effect of microwave curing on strength of mortar and drying behaviour Live
225 20645 "Successful management of multi etiological abscess in Indian Monitor Lizard (Varanusbengalensis) " Live
226 20913 Comparative Evaluation Of Effectiveness Of Sterilization Of Endodontic Files By Different Methods With And Without Disinfection By Ultrasonics- An Invitro Study Live
227 21073 Chemopreventive agents in head and neck cancer – a systematic review Live
228 21220 Bacteriological profile and antibiogram of uropathogens isolated from catheterized and non catheterized patients at a tertiary care centre Live
229 20919 In-silico Inhibitors for Pectin- methylesterase of A. thaliana by Virtual Screening to Inhibit the Seed Germination Process Live
230 21191 Surgical management of severely intruded [type iii] maxillary primary incisor Live
231 21022 Effect of digital economy on india Live
232 20946 Evaluation of the Effect of Different Bleaching agents  on Composite In Vitro Study Live
233 21024 Effect of Classical Music Therapy on Behavioural Parameters among Preterm Neonates Live
234 20330 Assessment of antipyretic activity of the marine gastropod babylonia spirata Live
235 20890 Isolation and characterization of microalgae for biodiesel production Live
236 21168 Anesthetic management of myasthenia gravis patient undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy using proseal laryngeal mask airway : a case study Live
237 20819 New Vistas In Dentistry : FEM a Complete Review Live
238 20754 Torque and Efficiency Monitoring of Induction Motors Using WSN Based System–A Review Live
239 20494 Discernment or integration coefficient and degree of responsibility proposed model for quantifying the integrative mental capacity of an individual Live
240 20230 Reconnaissance study on gold mineralization at Abu Khalag area, Bayuda Desert, Sudan Live
241 21110 Moisture and Color Change of the Pear (Deveci) Dried in  the Conveyor Belt Microwave Dryer Live
242 21056 Integration of Social Media, regional and Service Factors in Quantitative E-Commerce Websites Evaluation Live
243 21165 Study of bacterial profile and biofilm production in catheter associated urinary tract infections in a tertiary care hospital Live
244 20994 Rare Lipoma of the retromandibular region: Case report and review of literature Live
245 21029 Prevalence and risk factors of low back pain in garment industry workers of north india Live
246 21137 Two new cercosporoid fungi from india Live
247 21051 Smile designing in children”- A case report Live
248 20729 Analysis of Observed Seismic Damages on Historic Adobe-Mud Brick Structures of Bam Citadel, Affected by the 2003 Bam Earthquake Live
249 21080 Analysis and design of cooling chamber for gas atomization plant Live
250 21050 Comparison Of Chicago Sky Blue (Novel stain) with Calcofluor White and Potassium Hydroxide Mount for Rapid Diagnosis OF Dermatomycosis and Onychomycosis in a Tertiary Care Centre Live
251 20495 Effects of political instability and governance on planning and implementation of five year plans in pakistan Live
252 21040 A Study of Bacterial Enteropathogens Causing Acute Diarrhea in Children Under 5 years with Reference to Diarrhegenic E.Coli Live
253 21026 Comparative evaluation of the penetrability of novel root canal sealers – an invitro scanning electron microscope study Live
254 20887 Comparison of The Dimensional Accuracy Of Three Different Irreversible Hydrocolloid Impression Materials At Different Storage Periods - An Invitro Study Live
255 21019 Analysis, photo degradation, thermal degradation and reuse of pvc flex sheets collected from ariyalur district, tamil nadu, india Live
256 21104 Evaluation of AgNOR staining using Exfoliative Cytology in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Live
257 21018 Stability Analysis of Chickpea Export Markets of India – Markov Chain Approach Live
258 21016 A non-surgical correction of openbite – a case report Live

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