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•Agricultural                             Biological Sciences
•Biochemistry, Genetics            
Molecular Biology
•Environmental Science
•Immunology and Microbiology

Physical Sciences and Engineering

•Chemical Engineering                 Chemistry
•Computer Science            
            Earth and Planetary Science
•Physics and Astronomy
•Material Science

Health Science

•Medicine and Dentistry                 Nursing and Health Professions
•Pharmacology and Toxicology    
Pharmaceutical Science
•Veterinary Science
•Veterinary Medicine

Social Science and Humanities

•Arts and Humanities                    Business, Management
•Decision Science
                              •Econometrics                                  Finance
•Social Sciences

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Prof. Dr. Jonas Contiero, Brasil
Associate Chief Editor
Jean-Marc SABATIER, France
Managing Editor
M. Gayathri, India

International Board of Executive Editor/Members

Dr. Ali Seidi, Islamic Azad University, Gilanegharb Branch, Iran
Prof. Marco Nemesio E.Montano,  Phillippines      
Area Specialist: Biological Science
Prof. Eisahora,  Egypt
Area Specialist: Botany
Dr. T. Manikandan,  India
Area Specialist: Plant Physiology
Prof. M. Abdul Mottaleb,  Maryville
Area Specialist: Analytical and Environmental Chemist
Prof. Sreeramanan Subramaniam,  Malaysia.
Area Specialist: Plant Biotechnologist
Prof.  Ravjit Khangura, Western Australia
Area Specialist: Plant Pathologist
Prof. Zora Singh, AUSTRALIA
Area Specialist: Horticulture
Prof. Marco Antonio Russo, Catania
Area Specialist: Agrochemistry
Prof. Anely Nedelcheva,  BULGARIA
Area Specialist: Botany
Prof. Tanweer,  Ireland
Area Specialist: Animal genomics and Cell and Molecular biology
Prof. Olufemi ADU, NIGERIA
Area Specialist: Animal /Reroductive Physiology and Genetics
Dr. Mirza Hasanuzzaman,  Bangaladesh
Area Specialist: Plant Stress Responses and Agronomy
Prof. Dallas E. Alston, USA
Area Specialist: Marine Science
Prof. Rafael Rangel-Aldao,  Venezuela
Area Specialist: Biochemistry, Biological Science and Molecular Medicine
Prof.  Ivan SALAMON, Slovak Republic
Area Specialist: Ecology, Humanities and Natural Science
Prof. Shanti N. Desai, Goa
Area Specialist: Zoology
Dr. Rajeew Kumar, Uttaranchal
Area Specialist: Agronomy, Agriculture and Technology
Prof. Shahnoo Khoyratty,  Mauritius
Area Specialist: Agriculture
Prof. Biswajit Paul,  India
Area Specialist: Environmental Science
Prof. Rijan Bhakta Kayastha,  NEPAL
Area Specialist: Cryosphere, Climate and Disaster
Prof. M. Ashraf Bhat,  India.
Area Specialist: Molecular Biology and Plant Breeding and Genetics
Prof. Eltayb Abdellatef  Eltayb ,  Sudan
Area Specialist: Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
Prof. G. Annadurai, Alwarkurichi
Area Specialist: Environmental Nanobiotechnology
Prof. Ali M Hassanli, South Australia
Area Specialist:  Water Engineering
Prof. Okoro Chuma Conlette, Nigeria
Area Specialist:  Biological Sciences and biotechnology
Prof. Udensi, Ogbu, Nigeria
Area Specialist:  Genetics & Biotechnology
Prof. Hayfaa A. AL-Shamarry, Iraq
Area Specialist: Biology
Prof. Satoru Matsuda,  Japan
Area Specialist: Department of Life Science and Environment,
Prof. Mohamed EL Murtada Hassan Amin, Sudan.
Area Specialist: Applied Science
Prof. Zulkifli Hj. Shamsuddin, Malaysia.
Area Specialist: Land Management
Prof. Raul O. Pedraza,   Argentina.
Area Specialist: Ecology, Microbiology
Prof. Vincent Chukwuemeka Eze,   Nigeria.
Area Specialist: Microbiology
Prof. M. Ashraf Bhat,  India
Area Specialist: Molecular Biology Plant Breeding and Genetics
Shun-Chung Lee, Taiwan
Area Specialist: Resources Engineering
Prof. Dr. Badar Alam Iqbal,   India 
Area Specialist: Commerce
Asst. Prof. Mohammad Anwar Hossain, JAPAN
Area Specialist: Plant Stress Physiology and Molecular Biology
Dr. Kuldeep Dhama, Bareilly (UP)
Area Specialist: Veterinary Immunology




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Prof. Dr. Jonas Contiero, Brasil


           Jean-Marc SABATIER
Chief Scientific Officer and Head of a Research Group