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November 2017

Objective: To fabricate ahollow maxillary complete denturein a patient with severely resorbedridge and greater inter-arch space. Background: Bulky prosthesis affects peripheral seal and causes poor retention of denture. Material and Method: Ahollow cavity was fabricated in the “rim” part of complete denture using two flask technique. Result: Retention and stability lost due to heavy weight of denture was regained. Conclusion: This case report describes a predictable technique to fabricate lightweight denture.

Objective: The objective of this study was to analyze the Prescribing practice of antihypertensive medications in a tertiary care hospital in North East India and to assess the appropriateness of the prescribing pattern of antihypertensive drugs as per the seventh report of the Joint National Committee (JNC-7) guidelines. Methodology: A cross-sectional retrospective study was carried out for the month of October 2016- March 2017.

Calcifying Cystic Odontogenic Tumor (CCOT) was first described by Gorlin(1962) as Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst(COC)and accounts for only 1% of jaw cysts reported. Because of its histopathological diversity, there has always been controversy about its nature as a cyst or neoplasm. WHO (2005) has categorized this lesion from cystic - COC to neoplastic - CCOT. It has been found to be associated with various pathologies such as odontoma, ameloblastoma, ameloblastic fibroma.

Background and Objective: The objective of the study was to identify the predominant oral pathogenic microbes associated with pericoronitis and antibiotic sensitivity of those predominant group of pathogens. Materials and Methods: A total no of 40 patients were selected, subjected to Microbiological evaluation and after performing the antibiotic sensitivity test, proper antibiotic therapy was given. These subjects were divided into 2 groups –Pre antibiotic & Post antibiotic, each group constituted 20 patients.

Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) and acute myeloblasticleukaemia (AML) are the most common malignancies diagnosed in children and arise within bone marrow precursors of lymphoid and myeloid lineages. ALL accounts for one fourth of all childhood cancer and approximately 75% of all cases of childhood leukaemia, with an annual incidence of about 30 cases per million people and a peak incidence in children aged 2–5 years. AML comprises approximately 15–20% of childhood leukaemia (Pui, 2004).

Human Intestinal Spirochetosis (HIS) is an infection of colonic epithelial cells by Brachyspira pilosicoli and Brachyspira aalborgi, which is diagnosed by a characteristic blue haze present on the histological biopsies. The most common clinical manifestation of this infection is chronic diarrhea, but it may contribute to other known clinical entities such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Sessile Serrated Adenomas (SSA), especially in immunocompromised patients. IBS is an intestinal disorder characterized by an onset of pain with changes in bowel habits, consistency etc.

This research on “Study Habit as Predictor of Students’ Academic Achievement in English in Secondary Schools in Calabar Metropolis, Cross River State, Nigeria”, was a survey involving 660 students from 22 public secondary schools in Calabar Metropolis, Cross River State, Nigeria. Data was generated through a well-structured validated questionnaire titled “Students’ Study Habit Rating Scale” (SSHRS), and Students Achievement Test in English (SATE). Data obtained were analysed using Independent t-test at 0.05 level of significance.

Sucessful root canal treatment involves in the complete understanding of the root canal anatomy and the microorganisms involved in the disease processes. The complex anatomy of the blunderbuss canals render the clinician a major challenge during obturation. Inadequately filled root canals are the major cause of failure, achieving an adequate biological seal in such cases is very essential for the success of the root canal treatment. The aim of this case report was to describe the technique of managing a failed blunderbuss canal with MTA apexification and hence achieve a biological seal.

Congenital anomalies of the cochlea are important cause of congenital sensorineural hearing loss in children. Cochlear anomalies are also known to be associated with vestibulocochlear nerve aplasia or hypoplasia. Such children are ideal candidates for cochlear implan¬tation surgery. We report here a rare case of a 5year old female child who presented with bilateral hearing loss and was planned for cochlear implantation. She was referred for pre-operative imaging evaluation of temporal bone.

Tertiary comprehensive hospital is a regional hospital with high level of medical and health service, higher education and scientific research task. Its medical service and management, medical quality and safety, technical level and efficiency show the comprehensive strength of the hospital. Pediatrics as an integral part of the general hospital, the emergency building for children's safety treatment is of great significance.

Background: Immunization against childhood diseases is one of the most cost-effective public health interventions available, and has saved the lives of millions of children in the last 3 decades. Objective: To estimate the level of immunization coverage for obligatory vaccinations, Among children of Arar, Northern Saudi Arabia. Methods: The study was a community based cross-sectional survey. The study was conducted within communities in six randomly chosen departments in Arar city. The study population comprised of households with children under preschool age.

Opening new vistas in the identification of the cause of the death, identity of the deceased and in the identification of the criminals or suspects involved in the death is a virtual aid in forensic science serving humanity in medico legal postmortems in the form of Virtibot, a robotic technology. It is a Robot assisted technology tackling the autopsy with a high tech imaging approach.

Objective: To assess the diagnostic accuracy of modified Alvarado scoring system, abdominal ultrasonography and operative findings in comparative to histopathological study in patients suffering from acute appendicitis. Methods and Patients: This was a prospective study of 100 patients who underwent appendecictomy for suspected acute appendicitis. The patients were of both males and females their age ranged from 12- 47 years.

Pollution of POPs, which are carcinogens, has an adverse effect on the environment and human health. One of the crisis regions of Kazakhstan is considered the Aral Sea area. Shalkar and Irgiz villages are located in the ecologically unfavorable zone of the Aral Sea in the territory of Aktobe oblast. On the basis of the obtained sample samples, we conducted research on the residual quantities of persistent organic pollutants (POPs), hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH), dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), PCBs and dioxins.

Aim: The aim of the study is to compare the effectiveness of footwear alteration and footwear alteration with exercise in improving the functional activities in subjects with flatfoot. Background of the study: Flatfoot is one of the most common postural deformities, in which the arches of the foot become collapsed. This results in increased load in the first metatarsal and increased stress in the ligaments which supports the joints of the medial arch, these changes leads to a disturbance in the functional activities.

Objective: Acute appendicitis is the disease most frequently requiring non-obstetric surgical intervention during pregnancy. It is a condition threatening both mother and fetus lives and the prevalence in pregnant and non-pregnant women is identical, it is 0.1 % - 0.2 %. The aim of this study is to investigate the approach for acute appendicitis in patients who underwent appendectomy during follow-up of pregnancy by retrospective data of last nine years.

Amikacin is an Aminoglycoside group of antibiotic, it is a semi synthetic derivative prepared from Kanamycin A by acylation of the 1-amino group of the 2-deoxystreptamine moiety with 2-hydroxy-4-aminobutyric acid. Amikacin is an antibiotic used for a number of bacterial infections. Amikacin have the potential to produce reversible and irreversible vestibular, cochlear, and renal toxicity. Cytochrome P4503A4 (abbreviated CYP3A4), is an important enzyme in the body, mainly found in the liver and in the intestine.

The highly selective and sensitive PVC based membrane sensor was fabricated by using 1,3,5-tris [(2,3-dihydroxybenzylamino) amino methyl]cyclohexane (L) as a neutral membrane carrier for the potentiometric determination of Promethazine HCl. The membrane with the composition of33% PVC, 64% Plasticizer, 3% PM-PMD(Ionophore) and 1% NaTPB was found to be best in terms of response characteristics of sensor assembly. The proposed membrane sensor has very low detection limit of 2.0 x 10-8 M, within the concentration range of 5.0 x 10-8 – 1.0 x 10-2 M, and has fast response time of about 10s.

Endodermal Sinus Tumour is one of the histological varieties of germ cell tumours. EST have also been referred to as yolk sac carcinoma because, they derived from primitive yolk sac, In the first 2 decades of life, almost 70% of ovarian tumours are of germ cell origin and one third of them are malignant. yolk sac tumour is the third most common malignant germ cell tumour of the ovary, comprising 10 to 15% overall and reaching a higher proportion among children. The EST (Yolk sac tumour) primarily affects the adolescent girls of age group 16 to 18 years.

HELLP syndrome is one of the life-threatening situations in pregnancy and has a tendency to multi organ insufficiency in some particular cases. We discuss about a 14 years old woman with molar pregnancy who complicated by the syndrome in 16 weeks of gestation ,24 hours after evacuation of conception products. She was one of the missed molar pregnancies with management delays. After 24 hours of her evacuation, the patient developed sever plural effusion and returned to a normal condition after7 was an exceptional situation implies a high risk of mortality.

32 cases of intra cranial Brain Abscess (BA) depending on CT (Computerised Tomography) scan imaging were treated by emergency aspiration by a single burr hole and application of antibiotics into the cavity of abscess, till two consecutive negative aspirations were obtained. A combination of loop diuretics and antibiotics in appropriate doses were also given. The mortality rate with the procedure was nil and the morbidity rate being 12.5%.No role of corticosteroids (CS) in the management of brain abscess.

Disorders of lipid metabolism results in Hyperlipoproteinemia which is one of the modifiable factor and leading cause of Coronary Artery Diseases.Clinical trials of relatively short term duration indicate that 2% reduction in CAD rates from each 1% reduction in serum cholesterol. Though Homoepathic treatment is found to be effective in various clinical conditions reelated to CAD, no biochemical correlation were attempted. This prospective study included primary hyperlipoproteinemia, diabetes mellitus, Hypertension and coronary artery disease groups.

Introduction: Hospital-acquired infection is a major safety issue affecting the quality of care of hundreds of millions of patients every year, in both developed and developing countries, including Ethiopia. Asepsis is a set of process to prevent the spread of hospital acquired infection. To protect patients from pathogens during medical and surgical procedures, health care forces use aseptic techniques. Objectives: To assess the efficacy of hands on practice coaching regarding Operation room asepsis among nurses in Dessie Referral Hospital, Eastern Amhara, Ethiopia.

Visceral leishmania, known as Kala Azar, is a rare but increasing disease especially in Lebanon. The protozoan parasite proliferates in the reticulo-histiocyte system producing a large spectrum of different symptoms that can mimic other diseases like malignancies. HL-Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis is a possible complication that can rapidly deteriorate the patient clinical situation and make the diagnosis even more difficult. We report a challenging case of fever and pancytopenia in an otherwise well looking Lebanese 3 years old girl.

Oral submucous fibrosis is an irreversible mucosal change due to hypersensitivity; the attributing factors are mainly divided into local and systemic. Local factors are dietary substances such as Chilies, betel quid (Gutkha) and Areca nut which imparts main contribution for the condition. Systemic factors, nutritional deficiency, autoimmunity, and genetic susceptibility. It is associated with other conditions such as trismus and fibrosis, burning sensation with initiation from an early mucosal inflammation. It is an irreversible condition with high probability of malignant transformation.

Colorectal cancer most commonly metastasizes to the liver, lung and distant lymph nodes. Breast metastases are extremely rare and account for 0.5-6% of all breast malignancies. The most common cancers that metastasize to the breast are the contralateral breast tumor followed by metastasis from hematological malignancies, malignant melanoma, sarcoma, lung, prostate, ovary, kidney, stomach and carcinoid. Despite its rarity, when present, they are associated with a poor prognosis due to disease dissemination.

Oral cancer is a potentially fatal disease with an increasing incidence and an unchanged five years mortality rate. The high mortality rate in cancer such as oral squamous cell carcinoma is commonly attributed to the negligence in detection of the disease at an early treatable stage. A number of promising recent technologies have been proposed to improve the effectiveness of early oral cancer detection. The world health organization has strongly identified prevention and early detection as one of the objectives in the control of oral cancers worldwide.

In order to examine the effect of parents' own childhood traumas during their childhood and adolescence on their child raising attitude; a set of data was collected from 902 parents with children between the ages 2-6 who attend to preschool classes under the primary schools of Ministery of National Education Council, independent kindergartens and private preschool education institutions. The study used Childhood Psychologic Trauma Questionnarie and Parental Attitudes Scale; the collected data was analyzed with IBM SPSS 23.0 program.

Background: Bronchogenic carcinoma usually has fatal consequences but early diagnosis remains a challenge in developing nation like India. Bronchoscopic methods and CT guided FNAC are valuable tools for early diagnosis of both central and peripheral lesions. Objectives: To compare the diagnostic efficacy of Bronchoscopic methods (BAL, TBNA), Pleural Fluid (aspiration cytology, pleural biopsy), Lymph node FNAC while considering CT-FNAC of lung masses and EBLB as Gold Standard tests.

Immediate temporization after a single stage implant placement is fairly a recent concept, which allows the maintenance of soft tissue contours. Improvements in implant design and development of new implant surfaces have resulted in increased use of this procedure. The presence of osseous defects like fenestration and dehiscence can hamper the surgical outcome and need to be corrected. The combined use of bone grafts and growth factors contained in PRF may enhance the bone density as suggested by various clinical trials.

Purpose: To compare effectiveness of alternating current impedance spectroscopy technique (CarieScan PROTM) with tactile examination and bitewing radiography in detection of occlusal caries in primary teeth. Method: 110 primary molars in 40 patients aged 6 to 12 years were examined for presence of occlusal caries by tactile examination, bitewing radiography and CarieScan PROTMdevice. Results: Out of 110 teeth, 68 showed presence of dentinal caries and 42 showed presence of enamel caries.

Successful endodontic treatment mandates knowledge of internal and external anatomy of teeth along with their deviations. Maxillary first premolars usually have definite pattern of roots and root canals but, deviation in the form of having extra root and root canal is rare. Proper clinical and radiographic evaluation, magnification and modified access cavity preparation helps in diagnosis and treatment of such anatomical variation.

Healthcare complexity and costs can be decreased through the application of blockchain technology to medical records and insurance companies. Estonia has taken a leadership role in blockchain based services both in the commercial sector and in government. The Estonian government’s innovation strategy was to create GovTech partnerships to implement blockchain based technologies throughout the country, and become a global leader in the technology.

Background: The rising burden of stroke, especially in low-income and middle-income countries, leads us to propose a worldwide goal for stroke: a 2% reduction each year over and above that which may happen as a result of better case management and treatment. The experience of high-income countries indicates that sustained interventions can achieve at least the required 4% annual average decline in stroke mortality for people age 60–69 years.

The present work is focused on coagulation defects associated with prediabetes, which are reflected in laboratory abnormalities of coagulation markers, such as fibrinogen and tPA. These markers are associated with increased risks of thrombosis which are associated with increased risks of cardiovascular (CV) events, including myocardial infarction (MI), coronary heart disease (CHD), and other forms of atherosclerosis.

Attachment retained implant overdentures are functionally superior to conventional dentures and are effective and cost saving alternatives to fixed implant dental prostheses. A wide variety of commercially available systems are used to connect implants to overdenture. Attachments for both maxillary and mandibular overdentures provide an acceptable implant prognosis, predictable retention while simplifying implant treatment protocols, making implant dentistry available for a larger segment of the population.

Aims and Objectives: To compare and evaluate the time of onset, profoundness, duration of anesthesia and postoperative complications of Articaine and Lignocaine. Materials and Methods: The study group consists total of 90 patients divided into two groups of 45 each undergone double blind study conducted with Articaine and Lignocaine with surgical removal of impacted mandibular 3rd molars. Clinical parameters like onset of anesthesia, duration of anesthesia, Pain experience and post operative complications were analysed.

There are many studies dealing with CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome) which is very common urologic disorder but the reports about juvenile CPPS is rare. Urology outpatient visits of juvenile CPPS patients is very low but community survey study has suggested that the incidence of juvenile CPPS could be higher than we thought. There might be a possibility of underestimation for the prevalence of juvenile CPPS. According to the studies of juvenile CPPS, juvenile CPPS is devastating and has severe impact on the quality of life as like in adult patients.

Introduction: The endometrial carcinoma can present as abnormal excessive uterine bleeding. However its occurrence with clear cell carcinoma of ovary is rare. Equally rare is the occurrence of bilateral clear cell carcinoma and the coexistence of ovarian endometrioid carcinoma. Materials and Methods: A 40 year multiparous woman with abnormal excessive uterine bleeding and suspected to have leiomyoma underwent hysterectomy. On operation table, she was found to have a malignant looking left ovarian mass and so hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy was done.

Spinal anesthesia, also referred to as central neuraxial blockade is produced when a local anesthetic agent is injected into the subarachnoid space. It induces sympathectomy leading to selective vasodilatation of lower limbs. Perfusion index (PI) is a valuable objective during anesthetic practice to find out noninvasive methods for predicting the effect of anesthesia at our institution we studied the role of PI in assessing the efficacy of spinal anesthesia in 100 patients, scheduled for lower abdominal surgeries.

Ageing is a universal phenomenon. With the decline of communicable diseases and fertility rates and increased and improvised medical services, the average longevity of the people round the globe has increased, so also is the case of developing nations like India. In spite of an increased elderly population, there has been very less improvement in the quality of life of the elderly in India.

Background: Nutrient intake declines as a person ages. Vitamin D supplementation in older adults could potentially prevent skeletal disorders and other diseases when nutrient consumption is inadequate. Objective: To determine the mean consumption of vitamin D consumed through nutrient intakes and supplement consumption in middle-age and older adults in the United State whom participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) in the 2011-2012 cycle.

Yanadis are one of the under privileged scheduled tribes mainly lives in coastal part of Andhra Pradesh state which are living in isolation and are treated as lowest social group and placed just above the scheduled castes in social hierarchy in the Potti SriRamulu Nellore districts. Nellore district has the highest population of Yanadi in the state. Like any other tribe in the country Yanadi also depend on herbs, barks and roots for curative procedures and maintenance of health.

Sepsis by Candida species are nowadays one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality, especially in hospitalized, immunocompromised patients and newborn with high health risk levels. The objective of this research is to investigate the incidence of candidemias in patients hospitalized at the Baixada Fluminense region, Province of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and identify species of the genus Candida which causes sepsis on these patients.

Introduction: Mandibular fractures are most common in maxillofacial region. Intermaxillary fixation followed by open reduction and internal fixation is the choice of treatment. Elastic internal traction replaces intermaxillary fixation as it is a simple and effective means to reduce mandibular fractures into anatomical alignment for internal fixation reducing the overall operating time.

Calcium (Ca++) a divalent cation, required to perform numerous physiological function within the body like cardiac and smooth muscle contraction. Increased excitatory and reduced inhibitory neurotransmission is responsible for excessive neuronal activity in epilepsy. Some of the CCBs induce reduction in current through Ca2+ channels and thus reducing the pacemaker current that underlies the thalamic rhythm in spikes and waves seen in generalized seizures. The dose of nimodipine was given at doses of 30 and 60 mg QID.

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the functional outcomes of conservative and radical management of osteochondroma of mandibular condyle. Methods: All relevant full text articles available on PubMed and GoogleScholar between 2001 and 2015 were retrieved and examined. The data was tabulated and analyzed. Results: Of the 24 cases 14 were treated by condyloplasty, whereas 10 required total condylectomy.

Normal Internal Carotid artery run a straight and branch free course in the neck. However, due to abnormal embryological development or atherosclerosis/ fibromuscular dysplasia there might arise an aberration in the course of the internal carotid arteries. These may be medial deviation, kinking or coiling. Medial deviation may cause a retropharyngeal location. Ignorance of this location may lead to catastrophic complications in various surgical and anesthesia procedures involving the pharynx.

Odontogenic Keratocyst (OKC) are defined as epithelial cell lined cysts. Most of these Odontogenic cyst are defined by their history. (OKC) is an entity from the Odontogenicyst, have potential Aggressive behavior and high tendency of recurrence together with defined histopathological features. This article reports a (OKC) in the maxillary sinus. This cyst occurs less than 1% in the maxillary sinus of all cases. The lesion was diagnosed based on histopathological and radiological feature, Treatment was surgically and no recurrence has been observed on follow up.

Maxillofacial assault related injuries are an etiological important factor in fracture of facial bones. Here we have carried out a systematic review of analysis of fracture patterns in maxillofacial assault related injuries in the Indian Sub-continent and South-east Asia. The review shows mandibular fracture being the most common fracture of facial bones in assault related injuries to the facial skeleton.

Ameloblastic fibroma is an uncommon benign odontogenic tumour showing proliferation of both epithelial and mesenchymal components. It is usually seen in first two decades of life and posterior part of mandible is the commonest site involved. It is mostly associated with impacted or congenitally missing teeth. There is considerable debate as to whether it is a hamartoma or a true neoplasm. Herein, we report a case of ameloblastic fibroma in a 17- year old female patient involving the mandible and associated with impacted and congenitally missing teeth.

Aim: To assess level of burden and quality of life of caregivers of stroke survivors. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among 120 caregivers of stroke survivors. Data were collected by demographic proforma, WHOQOL-BREF to find the quality of life and Zarit Burden Interview (ZBI) questionnaire to assess level of burden of caregivers. Results: The study results revealed that the most of the caregivers were in severe level of burden. The main component of burden was relationship and emotional well-being, which was affected most.

Maxillary anterior dentoalveolar spacing has the most negative influence on self-perceived dental appearance among young adults. Interceptive therapy is required for definite closure of midline diastema. Stability of result requires bodily approximation of the incisors. Many well designed sectional springs have been reported in literature for the correction of midline diastema. In this article a case of midline diastema treated with ‘Trihelix spring’ is selected. This innovative spring is fabricated with A J Wilcock stainless steel, 0.014’’ special plus wire and contains three helices.

Introduction: Vitamin D is essential for calcium homeostasis and bone metabolism. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a number of comorbidities. There was disbelief that Vitamin D deficiency is uncommon in India. However from the data available in the published literature, Vitamin D deficiency is very common in India in all the age groups and both sexes across the country. Recently, low vitamin D levels have been associated with HIV disease progression and HIV related complications.

According to WHO, 300 million suffer from depression. Suicide accounted for 1.4% of all deaths worldwide, making it the 17th leading cause of death in 2015.Medical training has reported to be very stressful. Global prevalence of depression among medical students was found to be 28%. Even more frightening, 11 per cent of medical students have reported suicidal ideation within the past year. Many of them do not have the requisite intelligence, competence or the aptitude to meet the tough demands of medical studies.

Background: Periodontitis has been defined as an inflammatory disease of supporting structures of teeth, of specific bacterial origin which progress with attachment loss. The etiology of the disease is multi factorial and bacterial deposits play an essential role in the pathogenesis. The bacteria that are involved in periodontitis accumulate in the sub-gingival plaque that comprises predominantly of Gram-negative strict anaerobic rods. Among them Porphyromonas gingivalis, Prevotella intermedia, Fusobacterium nucleatum, Bacteroides spp., Selenomonas spp.

Stern public health effects and a notable influence on the environment may be seen due to Indecorous and scanty handling of biomedical waste. A number of bio-medical waste materials generated by the dental set up are problematic, which includes, scrap amalgam, photochemical waste (developer and fixer), lead foil from traditional X-ray packets, blood-soaked materials, human tissue, and disinfectant solutions. If the hazardous and non hazardous wastes are mixed, the entire mixture must be consider and should be treated as hazardous waste.

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) or Cone-Beam Volumetric Tomography (CBVT) is a diagnostic imaging technology that is changing the way dental practitioners view the oral and maxillofacial complex as well as teeth and the surrounding tissues. CBCT has been specifically designed to produce undistorted three dimensional images similar to computed tomography (CT), but at a lower equipment cost, simpler image acquisition and lower patient radiation dose.

Ameloblastoma is a most common benign odontogenic neoplasm which effects the maxillofacial region and more frequently affecting the mandible. It exhibits various clinical, radiological and histopathological features based on different types of ameloblastoma. Among these types, unicystic ameloblastoma (UA) is the least seen variant of ameloblastoma, with good prognosis and less recurrence if detected at the earliest.

Recovery from the effects of non-depolarising relaxants can occur spontaneously by elimination of the agent either unchanged or after metabolism in general anaesthesia. However, this process may be slow, of variable time and cannot be reliably predicted. It may result in residual curarization. Also, surgical procedures can be of unpredictable duration and may require intense relaxation until near the completion of surgery. Pharmacological antagonism or reversal of NM block is therefore indicated in clinical practice.

The purpose of this study is to examine the association between race, body mass index and breastfeeding outcomes among black and white women in Mississippi. A secondary analysis from of the 2009 – 2011 Mississippi Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System was conducted. Multivariable hazard ratios were investigated to assess the relationship between marital status and breastfeeding duration at 8 weeks postpartum. Stratified analyses were performed for white and black women.

The purpose of this study is to examine the association between race, body mass index and breastfeeding outcomes among black and white women in Mississippi. A secondary analysis from of the 2009 – 2011 Mississippi Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System was conducted. Multivariable hazard ratios were investigated to assess the relationship between marital status and breastfeeding duration at 8 weeks postpartum. Stratified analyses were performed for white and black women.

Background: Menstrual problems account for much of the morbidity, affecting one in every five women during their life span. Thyroid dysfunction is associated with a range of menstrual abnormalities, including oligomenorrhea, amenorrhea, and menorrhagia. The aim of this study is to show the menstrual pattern in the studied women and to study the effect of thyroid disorders on the menstrual pattern among the affected women. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in Northern Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia, the prevalence of sickle cell disease (SCD) varies significantly in different regions of the country, with the highest prevalence is in the Eastern province, followed by the southwestern provinces. In addition, sickle-cell trait range was reported from 2% to 27%, and up to 2.6% have SCD in some areas. The aim of this study was to assess the haemoglobin S variant among Saudi’s who aged between 19 to 40 years old, in Taif city.

Recovery from the effects of non-depolarising relaxants can occur spontaneously by elimination of the agent either unchanged or after metabolism in general anaesthesia. However, this process may be slow, of variable time and cannot be reliably predicted. It may result in residual curarization. Also, surgical procedures can be of unpredictable duration and may require intense relaxation until near the completion of surgery. Pharmacological antagonism or reversal of NM block is therefore indicated in clinical practice.

Dahlia is an importance bulbous flower crop which has position to increase economic earning of grower. Forty varieties were grown and studied for genotypic correlation of traits at C.S.Azad University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur, during 2011-12 and 2012-13. Vegetative and reproductive characters parameters were found to have considerable relationship which also indicated the scope for making improvement in dahlia. Plant height and maximum number of flower per head revealed the sustainable magnitude for crop improvement in dahlia crop.

The antibacterial activity of extract of medicinal plants, namely, Rhizophora apiculata, Phyllanthus emblica, Avicennia marina, Acalypha indica and Withania somnifera was evaluated against urinary tract infectious pathogens Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli. As compared to ethanol, acetone extract showed broad-spectrum activity.

Nature has given a lot of gifts in the form of valuable flora and fauna. One of the most important wild plants is bamboo. Bamboo plays a very significant role in the science of Ethno botany. Young bamboo shoots which are considered as one of the most useful health products because of their rich content of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fibers and minerals and very low fat. Bamboo shoots should be processed properly before the consumption as freshly harvested shoots contain high content of cynogenic glycosides which may pose serious health issues.

Methods for preservation of green leafy vegetables are very important as nutritional point of view. The leafy vegetables such as Spinach, Radish, Chuka, and pods like Cowpea and Gaurare used on large scale as vegetables in Marathwada region. During the present piece efforts have been made to preserve the leafy vegetables to meet the need of common population. The preservation methods were sun drying, oven drying and shade drying. After treatment biochemical analysis was carried out to detect the retention of nutritional factors.

The aim of the present study was to assess the level of pesticide residues in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) fruits collected from Wad Medani market brought from three different location in Gezira state (Alhoush, Alrahad and Almadina Arab) by using mosquito (Anopheles arabiensis Patton) larvae. The 3rd or early 4th instar as a bio-indicator tool instead of high technology and costly analytical equipment was used. A total of 27 samples of tomatoes from market were collected.

A study was conducted to identify smallholder farmers’ adaptation strategies to the impact of climate change on wheat productivity and to determine factors influencing the choices of the strategies, in Arsi Zone of Oromia Regional State Ethiopia. Field survey was conducted on 196 smallholder farmers using a multistage stratified random sampling technique. Descriptive statistics and Multinomial logit (MNL) were used to analyze the data.

Kaçkar Mountains is a mountain visited by mountaineers and tourists every year, with glaciers, lakes, forests, rivers, plants, animals, highland architecture and summit that can be observed throughout the year. The highest peaks are Altiparmak (3482 m), Kemerli (3562 m), Kavron (3932 m) And Verçenik (3713 m). The Kaçkar mountains have many trails and peak routes for trekking and hiking, and with the unique architectural structures in the road, it is important with the plateau culture.

Infectious diseases are associated with the most devastating problem in aquaculture sectors. In comparison to terrestrial farm animals and plants, aquatic animals require more attention in order to monitor and manage their health. Both farmed and wild fish are most susceptible to the various viral pathogens. Regrettably, viral diseases are more difficult to control due to lack of knowledge about pathogenesis and natural resistance to viral infections. Particularly, intensive aquaculture has brought more disease problems which leading to great economic losses.

People's Biodiversity Register (PBR) is a document which contain comprehensive information on availability, knowledge of local biological resources their medicinal uses, traditional knowledge, geographical coverage, sustainable management of resources, quantification of the resources and serves as an impact assessment tool for developmental activities. PBRs are maintained and prepared in consultation with local people constituted by Biodiversity Management Committees (BMC) at local bodies such as village Panchayats, Taluk’s, Distrricts / Zilla’s, Corporation / Municipalitites.

Flemingia strobelifera is a medicinal plant belongs to Fabaceae family. It is widely distributed in India and subcontinent. It is extraordinarily famous for its sleep inducing activity among the tribal people of India. Various studies have already proved its different pharmacological activity. Present study aimed to evaluate the antianxiety activity of aqueous extract of roots of the medicinal plant in elevated zero maze test and mirror chamber test. Twenty four Swiss albino mice of either sex were divided into four different groups of six mice in each.

Tinospora cordifolia (Willd) Miers. is commonly called as ‘Guduchi’, ‘Amrita’ in Ayurveda. It is a well known medicinal plant for its massive application in the treatment of various diseases, motioned in the ancient and traditional Ayurveda literature. It is a glabrous, perennial, deciduous, climbing shrub of weak and fleshy stem spread across the Tropical India and Andaman. Many potential therapeutic properties have already been reported by various modern scientific researches.

Introduction: Diabetes mellitus has been implicated as independent causative factor of bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. Diabetes-related sensorineural hearing impairment affects people’s ability to hear and understand sounds. This is a case control study with the purpose of determining the hearing loss in type II diabetes mellitus in relation to control of diabetes. Method: 50 diabetic patients and 50 age and sex matched controls who have satisfied inclusion and exclusion criteria and have consented to participate in study were enrolled.

Inflammation underlies a wide variety of physiological and pathological processes and pathological aspects of many types of inflammation are well appreciated. The classic molecular instigators of inflammation is ROS and which trigger the recruitment of leukocytes and causes prognosis of the disease. Current investigation postulated the anti-inflammatory efficacy of a triterpenoid, Lupeonone which exhibited free radicals scavenging activity resulting in reduced oxidative stress.

Tridax procumbens (L.) commonly known as coat buttons or Tridax daisy, is a species of flowering plants in daisy family. It is best known as a wide spread weed and pest plant. It belongs to family compositae commonly known as 'Ghamra' and have been extensively used in Ayurvedic system of medicine for various ailments and is dispensed for 'Bhringraj' by some of the practitioners of ayurveda which is well known medicine for liver disorders.

The present work is focused on the evaluation of Chlorophyll a contained in phytoplankton from some bays of Abidjan district (Ebrie lagoon, Côte d’Ivoire). The sampling campaigns took place on August and October 2016. The study was interested successively in the physicochemical characterization of bays of Ebrie lagoon system, and the quantification of Chlorophyll a in order to evaluate the trophic state of these bays. Physicochemical parameters studies have shown a significant variation of temperature, conductivity and salinity.

The development of technology in various fields has led the mankind into a new world of consumerism. In the field of textiles also, the technological developments have created a lot of new consumer products to meet the ever increasing demand of the public. In previous years, the use of natural fibres was widespread and restricted to conventional products.

The experimental was carried out on two sugarcane varieties, namely CoN -05071 and CoC-671 at the Sugarcane Tissue Culture Laboratory of Main Sugarcane Research Station, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari during 2016-017. The investigation deals with protoplast fusion such as agglutinated protoplasts, and heterkaryon formation And Molecular character. In this experiment, PEG 6000(19%) has been found to be better than PEG 4000, CaCl2.2H2O(35μm) and 10.5pH was found to be better for total agglutination and heterokaryon formation in sugarcane cultivars.

Most weight loss programs focus on a low-carbohydrate diet. In terms of successful and sustainable weight loss however, this diet isn’t suitable for every person as many studies demonstrate. One reason for this problem is the individual genetic make-up, since everyone metabolizes macronutrients differently. An individual diet plan for sustainable weight loss that is based on the genetic make-up and thus each person’s metabolic subtype (Meta-type) is provided by the nutrigenetic analysis MetaCheck.

The screening and study of selected Indian medicinal plant Pueraria tuberosa (Roxb. Ex Willd)DC., were selected for phytochemical screening and antibacterial studies. The solvents used for the extraction of plant roots were ethanol, benzene, chloroform, acetone, petroleum ether and distilled water. The Gram-Postive and Gram-negative bacteria Yeast candida, Aspergillus niger, Staphylococcus aureus, Eschericha coli, Salmonella typhi, Bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas fluorescence, Klebsiella pneumonia and Streptococus pyogenes. were tested.

Mosquitoes play a vital role in the spread of vector borne diseases and their management has gained great importance. Plant extracts have been studied for their mosquitocidal activity against various vectors. The present study was found on the larvicidal and pupicidal activity of Lantana camara (L) essential oil and azadiractin loaded novel nanoemulsion formulation for the control of vector mosquitoes. Nanoemulsion formulations of double emulsion type- W/O/W. Lantana camara (L) essential oil and azadiractin loaded nanoemulsion formulation.

The toxic effect of the heavy metal cadmium on the biochemical constituents and histology of digestive gland clam Meretrix casta was studied. The clam were exposed for 10, 20 and 30 days in 10% sub lethal concentration of 96 hr LC50 of cadmium (1.25 mg/l). There is significant decrease in the carbohydrate, protein and lipid profiles in the digestive gland and gill after exposed to sublethal concentration of cadmium. In clam exposed to sub lethal concentration of cadmium various histopathological alterations are observed after 10 days of exposure.

Insects are more radio resistant than higher vertebrates. The sensitivity to radiation varies widely among the insects orders, e.g. some species sterilized at doses below 50Gy. While lepidoptera requires more than 400Gy (IDIDAS, 2010). The use of phytosanitary treatment for sterilize insects to control or eradicate insect pests population is a revolutionary initiative in entomology. Because phytosanitary treatment through radiation is effective against most insects at dose levels that do not affect the quality of fruits.

The present strategy of Sustainable rural development in India mainly focuses on poverty alleviation, better livelihood opportunities, provision of basic amenities and infrastructure facilities through innovative programmes of wage and self-employment. In India, Limited availability of land, limited cash returns and agriculture being confined to one or two seasons in the year have made villages to look for supporting rural industries such as sericulture.

The freshwater snail species of L. acuminata were procured from different water bodies in and around the city Aurangabad during 2 years of study (from Jan. 2009 to Dec. 2010). Different larval trematodes emerged during patency were collected separately and got centrifuged. After mounting observations were made under compound microscope for their identification. In all some 6 types of cercaria have been identified during study period.

For epidemiological studies of cestode parasites in domestic fowl hosts were collected from six sites from north and south zone of kashmir valley for the period of 24 months from March 2012 to Feb. 2014 for estimation of mean parasitic load, mean prevalence of Cestodes along with seasonal variation, variation with weight, and variation with sex. During the study 576 hosts were examined for cestode parasites and prevalence rate was found to be 61.63% (355/576) with mean intensity load of 43.46 per infected host.

Mud volcanoes at Baratang and Kattan started ejecting mud after the 2004 Tsunami incidence. In this study, prokaryotic diversity in the flowing mud was investigated by using PCR-DGGE approach. Presence of 88 organisms was detected of which, 36% population detected was affiliated to archaea. All the archaea detected were representatives of Euryarchaeota. 64% population was affiliated to bacteria, mainly dominated by Proteobacteria.

Background: Nursing process is a systematic problem solving approach used to identify, prevent and treat actual or potential health problems and promote wellness. It has five steps- assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation. The nursing care planning and documentation of patient care needs are important. The use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can impact on the work that nurses carry out.

Although a large number of publications dealing with Tesla transformers have appeared, many of these are confined to providing an analysis of the transformer performance based on a lumped equivalent circuit model. The present paper is concerned with more practical issues and begins by considering the often overlooked significance of the magnetic coupling between the primary and secondary windings for the range of potential applications of these transformers.

As in today’s world and in future, there is only requirement of the people that everyone want to a fast, efficient and precise work output with the use of less human effort. Hence, thinking upon the requirement of people, we as a student of mechanical engineering are going to give the idea of “BIONIC BOOT” which turns a man towards superman. It will increase the human capabilities. We got inspired from the kangaroo which can run to maximum speed of 44 mph due to its special type of back feet structure.

Red tomatoes and red-fleshed watermelons contain a high level of lycopene with two isomers, cis- and all trans- isomers. All trans-lycopene is more valuable nutrient than cis-lycopene. A high content of cis-lycopene lowers the dietary value of fruit or the fruit - products. Individuals eat food staff with lycopene contents without awareness whether lycopene has been degraded or not. However, there is no researched information existing so far in Uganda to establish the dietary value of lycopene before and after heating.

Precise Measurement of Level is often Critical for Inventory, Custody Transfer, Process efficiency, Consistent supply etc. In order to ensure Accurate & Reliable Measurements, Calibration of Level devices by Dynamic WET Calibration is Imperative. Compared to Primary Level measurements in liquids, the detection and measurement of Interface Level has its own particular challenges. Ideally, an Interface would be a clear separation between two media with different densities.

In today world the traffic is a main problem for every people. These traffic occur due to increasing availability of vehicle on the road as we see that every people have own motorcycle for the travelling purpose but in those bike we have limited space to sit for 2 to 3 people. It means atone time we can travel 2 to 3 person. But if the number of people is more than 3 and they have to travel for same distance then they used another vehicle for going that place. Due to increasing the number of the vehicle the fuel consumption rate increases.

Our aim is to evaluate and compare between three different dose calculations algorithms (fast superposition (FSUP), superposition (SUP), and convolution (CON)) in IMRT (intensity modulated radiotherapy) treatment planning technique for breast cancer patients. Ten patients with left-side breast cancer were selected for this study. Dose of 5000 cGy was prescribed to planning target volume (PTV). For each patient, IMRT plans were created with non-coplanar and non-opposing photon beams of 6 MV quality. CMS XiO system of treatment planning (TPS) was the system for the process of planning.

Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, has a serious problem with solid waste management and treatment because of the huge amount of generated wastes. Thousands of tons are generated daily, generally, uncollected wastes accumulate at roadsides and burned by residents, most of it ends up in open dumps and wetlands, contaminating surface and ground water, posing major health hazards.

Fused carbo/heterocyclic 1,4-dihydropyridine (1,4-DHPs) derivatives have been synthesized using β-cyclodextrin an efficient catalyst in alcohol with high yields and purity under one-pot method. The structures of synthesized compound were established using 1H, 13C-NMR, IR, ESI-MS and elemental analysis. The synthesized fused heterocyclic 1,4-DHPs were found to exhibit potent antimicrobial activity as compared to carbocyclic 1,4-DHPs and these results were further supported by percentage structure similarity using Chem 3D software with the standard antibiotic drug (Cefixime).

Native fruits are important foods for the traditional communities of the state of Maranhão. Thus, the objective of this work was to analyze the physical-chemical characteristics of some native fruits found in the transition forest biome of the Amazon. Fruit pulps of the species Açaí (Euterpe oleracea Mart), buriti (Mauritia flexuosa L), bacuri (Platonia insignis Mart.) and murici (Byrsonima crassifólia L. (Kunth)) were analyzed.

New series of Pyrrole derivatives were synthesized with an approach to reduce the growing anti-microbial resistance and to develop more potent and less side effects having antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and anticancer activity.

Extensive use of reinforced concrete structures and composite materials in infrastructure, increases the demand of design of high strength and durable reinforced concrete structure subjected to static and impact loads. The structural design deals with various types of loads such as earthquake load, wind load, wave loads and impact occurs from various reasons such as vehicle collision, rock fall, military exercise, missile attacks etc. Construction industry is heading towards a new era with intensive use of High Performance Concrete (HPC).

The aim of this work was development and validation of a dissolutionmethod for Propranolol and Hydralazine (Carbetazine Tablets). The dissolution established conditions were 900 mL of 0.1M HCl (pH 1.0) as dissolution medium, using a paddle apparatus at a stirring rate of 50 rpm.

Pakistan is a developing country, and like most developing countries it utilizes a considerable portion of its annual budget on development projects particularly in highways and roads infrastructure. Development and construction of highways and roads may however have a negative impact on the surrounding environment. To control this negative impact, green and sustainable highway initiatives have been undertaken in Some European countries and in North America. Rating systems have been developed in these countries to determine the sustainable performance of highways.

The paper discusses contemporary methods of quenching processes analyzing and cooling time evaluation to provide engineers with the correct data needed for hardening process interruption. It is shown that intensive interrupted cooling combined with the optimized chemical composition of steel allows reduce distortion and increase service life of steel parts due to creation of high compressive residual stresses at the surface of quenched products. Examples of calculations are supported by analytical equations and computer code HART- TANDEM developed and used in Ukraine within 1978 – 1998.

The solution that is obtained using the equation of the curved axis is in the form of an infinite series and practical application is associated with great mathematical difficulties. In addition, the differential equation of the curved axis is obtained for pure bending, i.e. The rod is bent due to the moments acting in the longitudinal sections, and there are no lateral forces.

The effect of packing density, moisture content and temperature on dielectric parameters such as dielectric constant (ε'), dielectric loss (ε"), loss tangent (tan), relaxation time (τp), conductivity (σp) for Azaditrachta Indica (bark) in powder form was assessed. The results show that there was a systematic increase in dielectric constant (ε') and loss factor (ε") with increasing values of relative packing fraction (δr) and decrease in dielectric constant and loss factor with increasing temperature. The moisture percentage measured by Thermo-gravimetric method.

Cloud computing is the development of distributed computing, parallel computing, grid computing and virtualization technologies which define the shape of a new era. In this paper, we explore the concept of cloud architecture and compares cloud computing with grid computing. We identified several challenges from the cloud computing adoption perspective and we also highlighted the interoperability issue that deserves substantial further research and development.

This paper shows the potential use of remote sensing technology and GIS for getting of accurate land-use information from landscape spatial metrics for analysis of urban sprawl of the Jodhpur city. This study also quantify and examine the characteristics of urban land cover changes (1990-2015) using the Landsat satellite images of 1990, 2000, 2010 and 2015. A supervised classification method has been applied to prepare the base maps with five land cover classes (built up area, mining area, vegetation, water body and other area).

The proposed study aims to demonstrate applications of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Geospatial technologies for the exploitation and analysis of imagery and geospatial information to describe, assess, and visualize features for Emergency Management in Jodhpur city, the second largest city in the Rajasthan. Developing an emergency response system is essential for a city with rapidly growing potential. Though it is having all infrastructural and medical facilities, the problem lies in finding the optimum/best facility from an incident location.

The modulus of elasticity of concrete is a very important parameter, reflecting the ability of concrete to deform elastically and avoiding excessive deformation providing satisfactory serviceability. In order to utilize the full compressive strength of concrete, the structure using high strength concrete tend to be slimmer and requires a higher elastic modulus to maintain its stiffness with ductility aspects. The ductile properties of High Strength Concrete are mostly dependent on proportions of ingredients used and can be enhanced by addition of fibers.

The nano powders of Bariumhexaferrite and zirconium oxide in different weight ratios had been prepared by sol-gel method. The formation of pure crystallized BaFe12O19 and ZrO2 nanoparticles were occurred, when the precursor were calcined at 8000C and 10000C for 3hrs. The vibrational, structural, morphological, thermal and dielectric properties have been determined by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), X-ray Diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Thermal analysis (TG/DTA), and scalar analyzer.

Investments are becoming increasingly important to people in recent years. With the economic instability scenario and with the great uncertainties, such as those related to social security reform, many people decide to start investing in financial market. But, there is always the doubt in which market assets one the people should invest. In today's dynamic and globalized world, it is necessary to make a decision more quickly more efficiently, bringing positive results and contributing to the growth of an organization.

Reading numerous reviews about a product often is a cumbersome work. Many times, the review only say that the product is good and nothing else about the design, functionality of that product and hence reading those types of reviews doesn’t influence the decision of the customers. So to make the life of a customer easier, this paper presents an algorithm that ranks the reviews on the basis of the amount of information in the review.

We generate basic mathematics to express scientific concepts, those are crept in our mind. Scientific skill starts here. To find the facts further, we perform experiments, draw results on the basis of basic facts assumed. If the basic assumed fact is not fully correct, It's experimentation leads the concerned topic towards other way. Because, its observations are interpreted on the basis of initial assumed facts considered as basic facts, In case of Relativity, it has happened so.

In this paper we describe the mathematical model during Liver Abscess. Clinical evaluation of data collected in a hospital is also presented. The main objective of this paper work is to enhance about Abscess. One of the major problems of Liver Abscess is pollution. Liver abscess (LA) remains a serious and often difficult to diagnose problem. Liver abscess requires a high degree of suspicion for early diagnosis. We apply the Herschel-Bulkley Non - Newtonian model. The stability of this model is one of the most vital aspects in Mathematical field.

The article reveals the main Factors that require research of implementation and operation of the a new additive technology of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main problems of studying and implementing new technologies have been developed. Within the study there was used the structural-functional model of the introduction of innovative technology was used. Exactly technology in the broad sense - the presence or the absence of them - determines the position of national economy in the world, its strategic position.

IoT permits totally different objects to be perceived or controlled remotely across the present network infrastructure. It conjointly helps to integrate objects from the physical world with computer-based systems and, hence, ends up in improved accuracy, efficiency, and economic edges, additionally as reduced human intervention in their operation. Hurrying for a celebration, we have a tendency to might forget to modify off the fans and lights at home. And bear in mind that lapse solely half approach through the party.

This paper examines the institutional design of victim participation proposed by the Colombian State, following the issuance of Law 1448 of 2011, investigating the limitations that the legal framework imposes on the victims' political action, a corollary Of a regulation that has gradually associated the scenarios of participation of the victims to the classic instances of democratic representation, as can be seen in the normative itinerary that passes through Resolutions 388, 588, 1448 of 2013, and the most recent, 828 2014.

The study examined the pains and the gains in the implementation, of the Treasury Single Account (TSA) among the Ministries, Departments and Agencies in Nigeria. Analytical methods were employed in the presentation of relevant data. The results showed that the implementation of the Treasury Single Account has resulted to the concentration of authority to Central Bank of Nigeria to process cash transaction and operate TSA which has inflicted unbearable pains on the MDAs due to the high volume of regional level transactions and expansive network required for the operation.

Social Entrepreneurship create innovative solutions to immediate social problems and mobilize the ideas, capacities, resources and social arrangement required for sustainable social transformation. In addition, India’s social entrepreneurship ecosystem is one of the most sophisticated in the world, giving multiple possibilities to connect with local partners, to learn and to pursue innovative solutions to one of India’s numerous social challenges in the fields of education, agriculture, healthcare, renewable energy, manufacturing and skills development.

This article intends to identify some restrictions of globalization for western societies. We discuss how the mercantilization of education influence western societies, modify the education, and how can Dewey's thinking to contrast. We reclaim the prevalence of experience, participation and critical thinking, as a construct of democratic society, a perspective of resistance and hope in solving the constraints of the post-contemporary world.

Energy is a wider concept in a developing country like India, as the growth of economic level of a country promotes the economic factors also in the same ratio especially dealing in energy demand and supply. Yet, some states still face lack of energy consumption not only kinds of that, even energies for cooking purpose also. But the execution of various programmes and schemes related to cooking energy have provoked many people to consume more compared to people living under Below Poverty Line (BPL).

Both Brazil and Nigeria had their evolution in the same manner. The two countries were colonized by Western powers. They similarly had their experiences of policies of expropriation and exploitation of human and non-human resources. They were however subjected to various draconian and obnoxious policies and rules, featured by contradictions, inconsistencies with divide and rule tactics. The study finds out that apart from all these, there were violations of human rights inherent in the direction of slavery and slave trade to which the colonies were subjected.

This article provides a quick scan of the literature that treats the subject of the localized production organizations. This analysis allows us to understand how the theoretical concepts developed by A. Marshall had great success as they were exhumed by the Italians in a series of works on the Third Italy.

This article presents the partial result of an ethnographic research developed in an urban school in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. The researcher and classroom teacher analyzed the reports of classroom life as students manipulated the technological tools - weblogs - and developed actions that broadened the curriculum. Weblogs were a vehicle of communication between school and the world, created and maintained by students. This action constituted an authentic activity, according to Lave, (1988).We presented two episodes of the students during the construction of a weblog about wrestling.

Healthcare has become one of India’s largest sectors - both in terms of revenue and employment. Healthcare comprises hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment. The Indian healthcare sector is growing at a brisk pace due to its strengthening coverage, services and increasing expenditure by public as well private players. Indian healthcare delivery system is categorized into two major components - public and private. The Government, i.e.

The objective of this research was to explore the reciprocal learning of the Malay language at the national primary schools in Sarawak, Malaysia. This research used qualitative approach that implemented as a case study which involving the collection of data through interviewing techniques, classroom observations, field notes and documents analysis. The participants in this study were involved eight primary school students and four Malay language teachers from four national primary schools in Sarawak.

The Northern Zanzibar-Inhambane Coastal Forest Mosaic ecoregion, together with the Eastern Arc Montane forests, harbor densities of plant species that are among the highest in the world. These natural habitats, especially small forest patches, are highly threatened along the Kenyan coast, and only slightly less threatened in coastal Tanzania. This has resulted primarily from conversion to agricultural land, although various forms of extraction also pose significant threats. Although gazetted and protected as a national monument, the forest biodiversity is still endangered.

Sport is an international language. Its ability to cross cultures enables sport related programs to bridge social and ethnic divides. As a result, sport can be a powerful tool to promote peace, both symbolically on the global level and very practically within communities. The power of sport can be used as both a tool for preventing conflict as well as element for building sustainable peace. When applied effectively, sport programs promote social integration and foster tolerance. These core values are the same as those necessary for lasting peace.

Literature indicates that there are four dimensions of tax fairness: horizontal equity, vertical equity, exchange equity, and procedural fairness. Although research suggests that compliance usually increases with tax fairness, this study sought to uncover the individual impact of each dimension of tax fairness on different perspectives of compliance.

In this paper an attempt has been made to analyse the landuse and landcover change detection in Thiruvaiyaru block of Thanjavur district using remote sensing and GIS techniques. The total area of the study is 163.88 It lies between the long 78 o 48’ E to 79o 9’ E and Lat. 10o 48’ to 11o 56’ N. In this block there are totally 62 villages. This area has a multi various land use. The satellite imageries LANDSAT 5TM (2005) and LANDSAT 7ETM (2015) data’s are used and the scale is 1:50,000. It is located in the central part of Tamil Nadu.

Teenage motherhood is a worldwide problem with 36.4 million girls giving birth before the age of 18 years in developing Countries and Kenya is no exception. The current study investigated the difference in adjustment of readmitted teenage mothers in selected secondary schools on the basis of age. Mixed method research approach was used and within it Sequential Explanatory Design was adopted. The target population consisted of 288 respondents namely 23 principals, 23 guidance and counseling teachers and 242 readmitted teenage mothers in 23 secondary schools in Ugenya sub-county.

Writing production into the educative context is a key element that students must to know and to include inside their academic process, developing it in a proper way throughout their educational formation. Nonetheless, there are several factors that might mislead the development of the skill, such as the lack of guidance when it comes to write or the habit of producing a text starting off their own needs, distorting the task and the scholar’s growing.

The study carried out on 90 minor household workers aims at knowing the experience of the violence and the perception of these victimizations. Motivational theories, including motivational content theories were used to understand the judgment of minors employed by households. A semi-structured questionnaire and interviews were used to gather data that are analyzed to reflect the reality of victimization. From these experiences, minors express a rejection of the violence and behavior of the employer and thus maintain a negative image of these acts and the work of servant.

Education technologies including mobile learning (mLearning) are continually being integrated in teaching and learning. The adoption of mLearning is dependent on the end user that is the learner. This study therefore, sought to determine the relationship between the learner attitudes and adoption of mLearning among Community Health Care Trainees who were enrolled on the mHeath platform by Amref Health Africa in Kenya. The study is based on the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) which posits that actual system use is determined by user attitude among other factors.

Levirate is a customary practice in Côte d'Ivoire, whereby a brother unites with his brother's widow or an elder son with his father's in order to create a framework for protection and assistance to the widow and especially to orphaned children. However, this practice tends to disappear, especially in the Gôh region, where it faces various deviations in a difficult socio-economic context.

Agriculture is the pivot of economic growth and development of any nation. Like other developing countries in India also agriculture plays a dominant role for the economic development. During the first (1951-1956), second (1956-1961) and third (1961-1966) five year plans foodgrains production was the concerned of development strategy. This was the periods, when large junk of Indian population were suffered from food insecurity and malnutrition. The policymakers searched for something new to enhance the agricultural production.

In this study; woody plant taxa in parks and gardens of Kastamonu province Taşköprü district were determined and the ecological conformity of the species was evaluated. Considering the climatic characteristics of the region, suggestions have been made for woody taxa which are resistant to air pollution and have good visual quality within the region's natural taxa.

The study examined the role of Youth Polytechnics in training the youth for self- employment in Homa Bay County. Unemployment among the youths rendersthem desperate and deprives them of basic means of life support which makes them vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and marginalization. The purpose of the study was to examine the role of Youth Polytechnics in preparing the youths to join self-employment in Homa Bay County. The study was guided by the following objective: To examine the skills taught in Youth Polytechnics in training youths for self- employment in Homa Bay County.

Today teacher has to make a balance between the in evoked responsibilities and large expectations from the students, parents, administrations and the community. In such a situation the need to re-dedicate themselves and to re-direct themselves of their new and chasing roles. In this study, an attempt was made to know the satisfied teachers differ significantly with dissatisfied teachers on different job-related factors with respect to their teaching effectiveness.

This paper reports an Action Research study that aimed at analyzing the incidence of the implementation of Jazz Chants as didactic strategy to learn English vocabulary in kindergarteners in a Spanish monolingual context in Colombia. Initially, a diagnostic test was applied to 20 kindergarteners at the Bilingüe Hispanoamericano School located in Tuluá-Colombia, in order to establish their knowledge of vocabulary in English; which results were low.

The present study is undertaken in the state of Assam. The study is based on Primary and Secondary data. Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, and disabling brain disorder that has affected people throughout history. Treatment helps relieve many symptoms of schizophrenia, but most people who have the disorder cope with symptoms throughout their lives. Researchers are developing more effective medications and using new research tools to understand the causes of schizophrenia.

The aim of the present study was to compare Metaphor comprehension and use in monolingual and bilingual adults. A total number of 60 subjects in witch these are divided in to genders group I group II. 30 monolingual Telugu native speakers. Telugu were selected as group I in the age range of 20 – 60 years .30 bilingual subjects i.e. Telugu & English were selected in the age range of 20 – 60 years list of 20 metaphors were selected from two age range groups.

Back ground of the study: A study undertaken by Sakhi in Kerala in 2004 revealed that 40% of respondents had experienced violence in the home at some point in their lives. Need for the study: The studies done in Kerala regarding domestic violence are very few in number, for taking necessary actions in this field we need the current status of women experiencing domestic violence. Purpose: The study explored the experience of domestic violence among women and assessed the knowledge of them regarding domestic violence. Design: Descriptive survey design was used.

Growing water demand has put a burden on the availability and quality of water resources present in India. In 2010, per capita water availability was 1608 m3, which is expected to decrease to 1341 m3 by 2025 and to 1140 m3 by 2050. Factors accounting for this substantial decrease in availability of water resources are climate change, impact of urbanization and land use changes, energy choices of people, and growing populations. Change in climatic conditions leads to decrease in water availability and increase in water demand.

Corporate social responsibility has received an increasing amount of attention from practitioners and scholars alike in recent years. However, very little is known about whether or how corporate social responsibility affects employees. The role CSR plays in enhancing a company's reputation among its own employees, subsequently boosting their motivation and engagement, is perhaps underrated. In this paper, an attempt was made to study the relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and employee engagement, which is regarded as a key to organizational performance.

The term medical tourism is the amalgamation of two highly essential entities; medical which defines the health care sectors and tourism that defines travelling for any purpose. Due to globalization and thereby generated consumerism, when the physical, financial and psychological barriers are diminishing between the countries, the people are more aware, conscious, informed and they don’t hesitate to avail the good quality products and services irrespective of their proximities.

Rural farmers in Ethiopia have been practicing traditional irrigation since ancient time. But, it is only in the 1970s that small scale irrigation got recognition by the then government. Nonetheless, currently, investment in small scale irrigation has been identified as a key poverty reduction strategy. To this end, it may be important to review the existing irrigation schemes and the major challenges associated with them, among others. This paper critically reviewed 12 relevant recent literatures on the sub-sector and presented discussions thereof.

Electronic Governance is the significance of information and communication technology (ICT) for delivering government services and provided that effectiveness, clearness and replace of information, now a days by the use of ICT our economy turn to case less economy. The calculated purpose of e-governance is to maintain and make simpler governance for all parties -government, citizens and businesses. The E-governance uses the ICT in present for better and realistic connectivity and processing solutions.

In Kenya the number of primary school teachers by gender is more or less 1:1 however gender gap in leadership in favour of men persists. For instance women hold less than 20% of all leadership positions in primary schools in Kericho County. This research was founded on the Theory of planned behaviour and the Model of Administrative Career Mobility, from which a conceptual framework was formulated. Mixed methods designs were adopted. A survey questionnaire and an interview schedule were used to collect data. The study population consisted of all 461 public primary schools in Kericho County.

Transfer theory proposes that errors made by English Foreign Language students are often due to interference from their first language. Consequently, if there are distinctions in the systems governing the use of articles, the first language form tends to be used when students are translating into English. In terms of the Arabic language, no indefinite article is used, in contrast to English; thus, errors due to replacement, overuse, or omission may appear. To assess these effects, 20 Saudi postgraduate ELOCS students at Bangor University were invited to participate in a quantitative study.

The dispersal of fungal spore districts like Thanjavure, Pudukottai and Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India was enumerated during the period 2010-2011 in the present investigation. In all twenty sample sites of Thanjavur district this fluctuations showed some uniformity. In Thanjavure, the lowest concentrations of fungal spores were observed both in June and July. The fluctuation trends in all months for all sampling sites in Pudukkottai district was as similar as observed in Thanjavur district.

Background: The number of people with diabetes has risen from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. Diabetes is a major cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, stroke and lower limb amputation. The standardized prevalence rate for DM in the total Indian, urban and rural populations was 4.3, 5.9 and 2.7%, respectively. Objectives: To assess physical Activity of the Diabetic Respondents; To know the lifestyle pattern of the Diabetic Respondents; and To assess the Food Consumption Pattern of the Diabetic Respondents.

A field experiment was conducted to study the on effect of pulsed magnetic field(PMF) on maize inbred BML-6 during Kharif,2012, at Seed Research and Technology Centre, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad. Seeds were exposed to pulsed magnetic fields of varying frequencies viz., 1Hz, 10Hz, 50Hz and 100 Hz with intensity of 1500nT, sine wave for a period of 5 hrs per day for 15 days.

The present study is aimed to innovate and standardize technique in cheese making by whole pineapple juice used as a milk coagulant and incorporation of nutrients in cheese. It is also aimed to reduce the cost of rennet enzyme, easy availability and for those who are vegetarian and prohibited due to religious factor. Full cream milk was used to produce cheese by rennet enzyme in T1 & T2 while pineapple juice was incorporated as clotting agent in T3, T4 & T5. Ascorbic acid retention in T3, T4 & T5 was 1.16, 2.52 and 4.46 mg/100gm of cheese.

Identifying specific organic amendments that can maximize stable aggregates and increase soil organic carbon (C) recovery is a critical component of soil management. In this study, we investigated comparatively, the short- term effects of poultry droppings (PM), cow dung (CD),swine slurry (SS), rice chaff (RF), boiler ash (BA) and control (no amendment) on significant soil properties such as aggregate stability, organic carbon fractions, pH and soil temperature.

Field experiment was conducted with 16 treatment combinations consisting of four levels of irrigation (0.4, 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0 IW/CPE ratio) at 60 mm depth and four levels of N (0, 50, 100 and 150 kg N/ha/yr). It was conducted in split plot design with four replications at Soil and Water Management Farm, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari. In all three cuttings were under taken during the course of field experiment. The results of field study indicated that the herbage yield and essential oil yield of palmarosa were significantly influenced by irrigation and N levels.

Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus L.) is a shrub with great importance because of its fruits and /or aerial parts have a wide use in pharmaceutal, medicinal and industrial healthcare purposes, in-addition to their nutritional value. In the present study, inter simple sequence repeats (ISSR) and sequence-related amplified polymorphism(SRAP) analyses were used to evaluate genetic stability of Rubus fruticosus L.̔̔ Triple Crown̕ micropropagated plantlets and compare or detect possibly existing genetic variation between them and their donor mother plant.

This study was set out to explore the socio-demographic factors affecting women’s autonomy in decision-making process among married employed women in two northern districts named Dinajpur and Thakurgaonof Bangladesh. Data was collected from 150 married employed women for sampling purposes using random sampling technique. The analysis revealed that, overall 24% of the employed women participated in all the three areas of decision-making (i.e.

Proteolytic bacteria were isolated from slaughter house soil with the help of Skim milk agar plates. The isolate showing maximum activity was selected and characterized based on Bergey’s manual. Upon 16S rDNA analysis, it displayed maximum similarity with Bacillus spp., and the sequence has been deposited in Genbank. For the production of alkaline protease, the strain Bacillus subtilis MR12 was grown on modified production medium containing sludge as substrate. Different cultural parameters were optimized for maximal enzyme production.

Climate change is widely recognized not just as an environmental issue but one with severe socioeconomic implications across the globe. The living space in urban areas are becoming rapidly jumbled and disorganised, as concrete jungles continue to degrade the natural and aesthetic environment and turning it into heat islands. There is an urgent need to revive the urban green efforts. Urban parks and tree cover play a fundamentally important role in improving the environmental quality, energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, biodiversity and are regulating climatic hazards.

The introduction of one dose of IPV into routine immunization programme is to mitigate risks associated with OPV withdrawal and potential reintroduction of poliovirus. In polio Eradication and End Game Strategic Plan, SAGE (Strategic Advisory Group Of Experts) on Immunization has recommended that all OPV using countries should introduce one dose of IPV into routine immunization schedule and administer that dose at or >14 weeks of age in addition to the 3 to 4 doses of OPV in primary series. India has incorporated IPV under National Immunization Programme in November 2015.

Acute renal failure (ARF) is a sudden, sharp decline in the function of kidneys as a result of an acute toxic or inadequate oxygen supply to the kidneys. Abnormality in complete blood count parameters occur in kidney failure.

This study aims at improving the understanding of the processes of land use/cover change in a Central Region of Benin Republic. In this vein, an integrated approach that links satellite observations of land cover change at fine and temporal resolution to socio-economic analysis of land use change and to growing stock estimation was used. This approach was based on a multi scale methodology using Multispectral (XS) Spot and Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) for the multi-scale study of land use/cover change. A forest survey was carried out to estimate the plant diversity and the growing stock.

Adapted evaluation of the UH400 line in the Northern of Vietnam with ten seasons from 2012 to 2015, it could be maintained and multiplication in spring and Autumn-winter season and sowing time for most suitable from early to middle of February annual. UH400 line can inducing the inbred lines with ratio from 4 to 10 percentage depends on the genotype, seeds of haploid type identified by the morphological marker R1-nj, this was confirm by molecular marker SSR.

Resistance to extended-spectrum β-lactams was mediated by plasmidic extended-spectrum β-lactamases (ESBLs) and/or AmpC β–lactamases in uropathogenic E. coli (UPEC) a primary etiologic agent of urinary tract infections (UTI). Often the isolates were multidrug resistant harboring integrons and cause great hindrance in treatment. This study aims to identify genetic relatedness between plasmids and their correlation with β-lactamase resistant genes and integrons in nosocomial UPEC isolates. 29 drug resistant patterns were observed in 82 E.

Background: Lifestyle interventions for weight loss are the cornerstone of obesity therapy, yet their optimal design is debated. Lifestyle weight management programmes for overweight or obese adults are multi-component programmes that aim to reduce a person's energy intake and help them to be more physically active by changing their behaviour.

High concentrations of metals exert a negative influence on the development of plants, their use of nutrient and metabolism. The heavy metals can cause a major ecological crisis since they are non-degradable and often accumulate in plant parts, biologically magnified through trophic levels and causes deleterious effects on plants and animals. The present investigation deals with the effect of copper on the biochemical and yield parameters of Cowpea (Vignaunguiculata (L.) Walp.) under field condition. Copper was treated with Copper sulphate (CuSO4.

The present study was conducted to study the genetic diversity among sex (6) olive cultivars and one unknown genotype grown in El-Kharga Oasis, El-Wadi El-Gedid, Egypt using inter-simple sequence repeats (ISSR) markers. Ten (ISSR) primers amplified 92.00 fragments of which 46.00 fragments were polymorphic. The number of polymorphic bands per primer varied from 0.00 to 8.00 with 4.60 bands per primer on average. Genetic similarities were calculated using the Dice coefficient (Nei and Li., 1979).

Potential source of life, drinking water must undergo various physical, chemical and bacteriological analyses that will assess its quality for human consumption avoiding any risk of contamination. This study aims to determine the physical, the chemical and the bacteriological quality of drinking water in Abobo (Abidjan Côte d’Ivoire). Ten (10) neighborhoods have been selected for the sampling from taps. A total of forty (40) water samples have been analyzed at a ratio of four (04) samples per neighborhood.

Experiment was conducted to study the effect of temperature on longevity of Heterorhabditis indica under controlled laboratory conditions. The results showed the maximum survival rate of 77.29% at 200C after 90 days of incubation, followed by room temperature (25-280C) and 300C test temperature showing 61.30% and 54.60% survival rate after 90 days of incubation, respectively. At test temperatures 100C and 400C the survival rate was 0.0% and 0.33% after 20 days of incubation, indicating that themortality of IJs of H.

Agricultural expansion continues to be the biggest threat facing the Coastal Forests of East Africa. Due to poor soil quality and an increasing population trend, subsistence agriculture as well as commercial farming continue to consume more and more of the region's natural habitat. The study assessed the forest structure of the Kaya Muhaka forest and the adjacent agro-ecosystems at the Kenyan Coast. Two 3 km parallel transects running through the agroecosystem and Kaya Muhaka forest from East to west and three 1 km parallel transects running from north to south of the forest were set up.

The present investigation was carried out to study the effect of different growth regulators on propagation of Lantana Spp. in subtropical zone under naturally ventilated polyhouse equipped with foggers at Mandouri farm of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Mohanpur, Nadia, West Bengal. Significant differences among the treatments (IAA @1000ppm, IAA@2000ppm, IAA @3000ppm, IBA @1000ppm, IBA @2000ppm, IBA @3000ppm, NAA @1000ppm, NAA @2000ppm, NAA @3000ppm and Control) on root emergence and proliferation were noticed.

Starch sago different from other types of noodles, such as wheat flour and pasta, because it is made from gluten-free starch.The implementation of the extruded technology and fortification fish meal plays an important role in determining quality of sago noodles. The study aimed to analyze the effects of different fortification of fish meal on the degrees white, cooking time, cooking losses and elasticity of sago noodles. Fortification method was done by using different concentration of fish meal 0%, 2%, 4%, 6%, and 8%.

Weaver ant, Oecophylla longinoda is eusocial insect used as a bio-agent against more than fifty insect pest species in several crops. Colony rearing in the screen house involves the collection of mated winged females after their nuptial flight, rearing to allow broods development. The time taken for forming different broods is not well known for the new founding colony of O. longinoda. We conducted a screen house experiment to study the phenology of new founding O. longinoda colonies.

This study investigated the effects of acute aerobic exercise on mood state of university students. Male and female participants (N = 20; Mean age= 21.13, SD = 1.017 years) who were physically in perfect health and had no history of disease participated in the study. The participants were selected based on the temperament grades of the pre-test and were randomly divided into two groups of control (10 girls and 10 boys) and training (10 girls and 10 boys).

Aim: To determine the prevalence of group A beta hemolytic Streptococcus in the academic community of the Fundación Universitaria Autónoma de las Américas sede Pereira. Methods: Descriptive clinical epidemiological study. A sample of 226 people was obtained from the academic community to which a structured survey type instrument was applied. A throat sample was taken with swab and the material obtained was cultured on 5% sheep blood agar medium in the presence of 10% CO2. Bacitracin susceptibility test was performed at a concentration of 0.04 U.

A novel molecularly bioimprinted polymer (bioMIP) sensor was constructed through an efficient one step electropolymerization technique, using the natural dye safranine-O (Sa) capped with silver nanoparticles (AgNPs). The dsDNA was electrochemically entrapped into poly- (safranine-O) capped with silver nanoparticles (poly-(Sa@AgNPs)) film (molecularly bioimprinted polymer), deposited potensiodynamically on the surface of carbon paste electrode (CPE), using cyclic voltammetry (CV).

Siddha is a complete holistic medical system that has been widely practiced in India and Sri Lanka. Hypertension is the most common cardiovascular disease and is a major public health issue in developed as well as developing countries. Approximately 20% of the world’s adults are estimated to have hypertension. In siddha medicine, symptoms of “Raththa kothippu noi” comes under the “Kuruthi azhal noi” is resembles as hypertension. In Siddha text many herbs or Herbal formulation has been mentioned to treat the Kuruthi azhal noi (Hypertension).

One of the major tribal communities of Central India, the Gond; that inhabits parts of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and parts of Maharashtra. These regions are rich in cultural legacy and have distinctive arts and crafts. Gond people dwell in nature with their inherent artistic skill and represent the magic of colorful forms with dots and lines.

Sisal (Agave sp) is an important leaf fibre yielding plant grown extensively in Brazil and in African countries (Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar etc.). It was introduced in India long ago and grown by tribal people of central plateau zone for fibre and live fence, by quasi-organized planters for fibre and by some state departments mainly for soil conservation purpose. In spite of its huge potential and demand of fibre in the country, adequate effort has not been given based on findings of research on sisal for commercial fibre production from sisal.

Urinary tract infections are one of the most common problem faced in todays’ era. The chief presentation is with distressing symptoms like burning, pain, frequency on urination etc. that ensures ones attention towards the quality of routine life. Various primary and secondary causes had illustrated in ayurvedic classics under Mootravaha srotodushti as krichhramootrata. Antibiotics – the main stay of treatment may also limited their prolonged and frequent use due to resistance development/reinfection/relapses etc.

Legumes are a source of wholesome protein, alimentary fiber, and bioactive substances displaying antioxidant activity together with anti-inflammatory and antineoplastic properties. Cereals and Pulses form an integral part of the human diet.Eight accessions of Dolichos lablab Linn. were procured from Pulses and Castor Research station, Navsari. Total proteins were extracted in chilled 100 mM Tris-HCl buffer (pH 8) containing 1% SDS and 0.01% - mercaptoethanol. Albumins and Globulins were extracted based on differential solubility in water and dilute salt solution respectively.

Aim of the study: The aim of the study is to compare the effect of time based selective domain of self-management rehabilitation on health related quality of life in Parkinson’s disease Need for the study: There is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. Medical management is directed at slowing of disease progression and symptomatic treatment. Individuals who develop Parkinson's disease are confronted not only with the physical and psychological issues that impact quality of life.

Watershed is powerful tool of socio-economic development ensuring sustainable rural development. Natural resource management leads to livelihood security through agriculture and allied activities. The rain-fed agricultural production can be improved by adopting ridge to valley watershed approach. Chartha-Selud watershed project is a unique example of watershed programme of run by various departments of government. The present study evaluates the socio-economic and environmental impact of watershed program on these villages in comparison with neighboring villages Hatmali and Naigavhan.

Introduction: They represent the most common kidney mass in the adult; These are true cysts provided with a wall consisting of a monolayer epithelium and containing a liquid most similar to urine. Typically spherical and unilocular are present. They are equipped with a fibrous collagen tissue capsule that sometimes has calcium deposits. They are considered to be acquired. These cysts are often cortical, but there are also midollars. They generally do not communicate with renal pelvis. More often the size varies from 0.5 to 1 cm, but there can be cysts of 3 or 4 cm.

Ecotourism is one of the conservation tools to save wildlife and forests. Globally, there is a debate on the term ecotourism as there are many controversial issues running with the use of the same terminology. This study was carried out to know the ecotourism opportunities that can be implemented in Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary in the specified localities without disturbing the wildlife habitats. Sampling sites were selected randomly inside the Wildlife Sanctuary and marked using GPS.

Background: Petrol pump workers constantly inhale polluted air and fumes of petrol in their duties. Liver injury had long known to be associated with occupational exposure to a wide range of chemicals. Benzene affects many enzyme activities in the liver, tissues, and peripheral blood and this can lead to a decrease in the activity of antioxidants enzymes and may result in oxidative stress. Aim: To study the effects of petrol fumes on the liver enzymes and other biochemical parameters on petrol-pump workers.

Introduction: Thyroid disorders are common in adults with significant clinical consequences. The objective of this study was to estimate the prevalence of biochemical hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism in older people in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Material and Methods: This was a retrospective analysis of thyroid function tests results of people who presented at the biomedical laboratory of the "Hôpital Saint Camille de Ouagadougou (HOSCO)" from January 2016 to September 2017.

The polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hyper androgenic disorder associated with chronic oligo-anovulation and polycystic ovarian morphology.Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn. Commonly known as Licorice is one of the most widely used herb from the ancient medical history of Ayurveda, both as a medicine and as a flavouring agent. Letrozole induction was reported to cause an inflammatory condition which may contribute to insulin resistance, hyperlipidemia leading to metabolic syndrome.

Objective: To find out the prevalence of substance abuse among higher secondary school students in Kottayam district of Kerala. Materials and Methods: Interventional study was conducted in selected Higher Secondary schools with the interval of six months period. 48 schools were selected by applying systematic random sampling technique from entire school list. For the sample purpose, each 16 schools has been selected from Government school ie 8 schools from rural and another 8 schools from urban areas.

The growth of modern innovative technology and tools leads to the transformation of present record format into digital format. The Gurukul Lutheran Theological College & Research Institute Archives consists of plenty of administrative and research valuable materials. With a new vision of changing the contemporary scenario, this case study is conducted. The dspace digital library has been downloaded and installed to upload a few sample materials to conduct this case study.

Various medicinal properties are attributed to natural herbs. Medicinal plants represent the most source of recent prescription drugs and care product. The historical back drop of plants being used for medicative purpose is perhaps as old because the history of human race. Extraction and classification of many active phytocompounds from these green factories have born to some high activity profile medicine. A growing body of proof indicates that secondary plant metabolites play major roles in human health and will be nutritionally vital.

This project presents the design and testing of solar water still by utilizing solar energy for purification of brackish water which contribute the supply of pure water in Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, due to the lack of pure water about 250000 children die per year. The purpose of this research is to provide potable water by using solar water distiller which can be locally manufacture and flexible. Solar water still natural way of water desalination. The operation principle of single-basin solar distillation is similar to hydrological cycles.

Zinc and molybdenum are involved in many biochemical processes supporting life. The most important of these processes are cellular respiration, cellular utilization of oxygen, DNA and RNA reproduction, maintenance of cell membrane integrity, and sequestration of free radicals. zinc are involved in destruction of free radicals through cascading enzyme systems. Superoxide radicals are reduced to hydrogen peroxide by superoxide dismutases in the presence of zinc cofactors.

The abundance and high potential of Solar Energy makes it appropriate for commercial electricity purposes. The technology to access the high potential lacks efficiency by lot. This article is a description of a novel idea, which proposes the efficiency increase by at least 120% of present efficiency. It includes framing of concepts based on fundamentals of mechanisms in Solar Cell Module and Photonic Crystals. This hybrid model of Solar Cell introduces specialized domains for future research as well as gives an open challenge for the decade to fabricate it.

The Layered reinforced cement concrete beams can be analyzed using conventional methods for composite element consisting of fibre reinforced high performance concrete (FRHPC) and Normal strength concrete (NSC) to improve the efficiency of concrete matrix of different layered flexural member.

This paper focuses on the determination of mechanical properties of three species of date palm midribs and leaflets. The three species are SIWI, FREHI, and GAGA date palms located at the Bahariah oases, Egypt. These results have then been compared with known wood species. The comparison shows that Frehi midribs have the highest values of bending strength, and Young’s modulus in compression. Siwi midribs have the highest values for Young’s modulus in bending, and transverse shear strength. GAGA midribs have the highest values of compression strength, and longitudinal shear strength.

The image segmentation performs a substantial role within the grassland of image process as a result of its broad vary of applications within the farming fields to find plants pests by classifying the various pests. Classification may be a technique to classify the plants pests on completely different morphological individuality.

Three successful commercial airline in-flight emergencies were explored using a retrospective multiple-case study, through a constructivist worldview, to understand how coordination between and amongst flight crew and Air Traffic Control (ATC) helped save lives. The cases in this study, Qantas 32, Air Transat 236, and US Airways 1549, covered a period from 2000-2012 and were selected to learn what flight crews and ATC did right during in-flight emergencies that led to the successful outcome and no loss of life.

Today enterprises are challenged by tectonic shifts in nearly every aspect of their businesses – economic, technology, demographic, and customer preferences etc. To help them meet these challenges, organizations are adopting technology and automation solutions to enable best – in – class Business Process Management (BPM). One technology gaining rapid favor is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)-essentially defined as automation that can handle rules based and repetitive tasks without human intervention, or unassisted automation.

New glycosidic compounds were isolated from the ethanolic extracted from leaves of Artabotrys odoratissimus (R.Br) by using ethanol. The six known compounds, two new rhmnopyranosyl compound, one pyranocoumarin compound and three aliphatic hydrocarbon were the new alcoholic compound identified by spectral (IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR spectra, mass spectrum, elemental analysis) and chemical analysis.

Wireless Sensor Network consists of distributed autonomous sensor nodes to monitor physical and environmental conditions, Such as temperature, sound, vibration, pressure, motion and to collectively pass their data through the network to a main location known as Base station or Sink. Wireless sensor consist of huge number of nodes spread over diverse locations having characteristics like low processing power, low storage capacity and limited battery life. That means sensor networks are battery powered. As a sensor network grows it is more suspected to attacks.

This article presents and discusses, from an epistemological point of view, a quantum theory of spacetime based on principles built from infinite mathematics applied to natural philosophy, cosmology and Riemannian geometry. A cautious argument shows that there is no logical reason to suppose that the ultimate structure of the universe is discontinuous from the moment that one considers an expanding universe. General relativity and quantum mechanics are evoked by discussing the barriers that today hinder a theory of great unification.

Spray pyrolysis is a simple, inexpensive and economical method to produce a thin film on large substrate area. Semiconducting thin films of CdZnSe2 have been deposited onto preheated glass substrate by varying substrate temperature from 250°C at an interval of 25°C to 325°C. The optimized deposition temperature is around 300°C. From optical transmission and reflection spectra, absorption coefficient(α) was calculated at various wavelengths ranging from 350 nm to 1100 nm and was of the order of 104-105 cm-1.

In this project, an attempt has been made to study and clearly explain the process between IGA and FEM Method. Meshing is difficult in complex problems such as bending model where an object may move out of alignment. In this project work, both IGA and FEM flowchart is shown and a static investigation is carried out by both method using the same geometry. After, investigation it has been observed that IGA method shows better results compare to FEM. As IGA method was quite a good method compare to FEM but it has its own disadvantage like the person needs to have a good knowledge of CAD.

The present study has tried to explore perceived parenting among patients suffering from Obsessive – Compulsive disorder (OCD) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). For this the data was collected on 100 patients equally divided into OCD and GAD patients. They were further classified equally on the basis of gender (OCD=M=25, F=25),(GAD=M=25 & F=25). Bhardwaj et al’s (1998) Parenting scale was utilized to measure perceived parenting of the respondents. The results have revealed that: 1. Individuals suffering from GAD scored significantly higher on Carelessness vs.

District Institute of Education and Training (DIETs) is a teacher training institution for the elementary level. It includes in service and pre -service programmes both. The main purpose of these programmes are reform the teacher’s behaviour, create awareness and responsibilities of the teacher, create suitable environment by facilitating new innovations etc. Trainees, teacher educator’s perception on effect of these programmes are important aspect for research.

The charge booster preferred for load vehicles for ensuring best engine performance at all speeds and road conditions especially at higher load. The arbitrary adaption of turbocharger sometimes gives negative effects like surge and chokes in charge flow to engine. Many approaches reported to match the turbocharger for the desired vehicle engine. Bull all such tasks are tedious and some may be more expensive. But perfect match gives many distinguished advantages and cost worthy.

This paper proposes and aims at designing a GSM jammer. GSM jammer is a device that transmit signal on the same frequency at which the GSM system operates. The mobile phones in the area where the jammer is located are disabled. This project is mainly intended to prevent the usage of mobile phones in places inside its coverage without interfering with the communication channels outside its range, thus providing a cheap and reliable method for blocking mobile communication in the required restricted areas only.

Background: The use of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) in dentistry was first described in 1967, by Shane and Kessler, but it has yet to gain widespread acceptance in dentistry. A study was undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of TENS therapy as an adjuvant modality and to compare it with the conventional medication in controlling pain in temporomandibular disorder (TMD) patients. Materials and Methods: A total of 60 patients with the clinical symptom of pain associated with TMDs were randomly divided into two groups.

Twelve cultivars of Vicia faba have been obtained from seed banks of different research stations for chromosomal studies during meiotic operations. Results have shown that exist some remarkable variations at the intraspecific level in order to visualize the genetic divergence. Meiotic informations provide aglimpses of gene homology indicating phylogenetic relationship between the taxa.

The use of bacterial strains in the synthesis of silver nanoparticles emerges as an eco-friendly and exciting approach towards the field of research in life sciences. In this present work, microbial production of silver nanoparticles was investigated using the bacterial strain Bacillus cereus GAD 20. The test bacterium was isolated from soil samples from Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra state grown on Hichrome Bacillus Agar and Bacillus Differentiation Agar and further identified on the basis of 16S rRNA.

The present article is based on an investigation into the educational deprivation among social groups of Kerala. It is a micro level study executed within the human development framework. The study mainly examined the enabling environment for education in the study area. Regional Human Development Enabling Index (RHDEI) and Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) are used to explore the inter-group variations in the incidence of educational deprivation in the study area.

Objective: To investigate the correlation between gonial angle measurement and asymmetry of condyle and ramus. Materials and Methods: The study sample consisted of 60 patients reported to the dept of Orthodontics, K.V.G dental college, Sullia for orthodontic treatment. The preoperative orthopantamogram of these patients were taken and divided into 3 groups based on gonial angle as average angle, high angle and low angle. Condylar, ramal, and condylar plus ramal asymmetry values were computed for all of the subjects on orthopantomograms.

This research was conducted to assess the quality and safety aspect of important processed fish and fishery products prepared from freshwater fishes of the Brahmaputra river of Mymensingh district in Bangladesh. Three sun-dried fish, one semi-fermented fish product and a salted fish product, and frozen prawn were included in this research. Among the sun-dried fishes Mystus tengra, Amblypharringodon microlepin and Wallago attu were included in this research. Semi-fermented product prepared from Puntius stigma was included in this research.

Background: In developing countries there is a lack of data on estimation of incidence of sepsis. Global studies suggests that, it is required to address the magnitude of this problem with mortality rate ranging from 20-60%. Aim and Objectives: to evaluate the incidence rate, microbial causative agent, drug susceptibility profile of causative bacteria and estimate the predisposing factors and patient outcome of the cases of septicaemia. Method: Blood culture of inpatient admissions from a period of July 2013 to August 2014, suspected of septicaemia was processed and data analyzed.

Since miss-landing of Beagle-2nd , the Author is verifying the cause of it. I had conveyed by email to NASA that time, the conceptual cause and within three days I learnt in a News Paper that, the missing of Begule-2, from its destination was due to a mathematical mistake. The guiding and controlling system cannot behave erroneously. In his service life, he believed on control systems of machine. They work perfectly without erring, as per the concepts put in the system to work. The difference in behavior may occur due to some concepts installed, being (excuse me) un-natural.

Rotation of a tooth refers to a condition in which there is a displacement of the tooth around its long axis within the alveolar bone. The aim of this case report is to demonstrate a simple and fast method for the correction of a severely rotated tooth. A female patient, 12 years of age reported with a chief complaint of irregular arrangement of teeth. The patient was diagnosed with Angles Class I malocclusion with severely rotated right maxillary central incisor.

The overall objective of the study was to find out the factors affecting access to finance of MSEs in the study area. The research design was cross sectional survey which included a structured and unstructured questionnaire. 392 questionnaires distributed to MSEs Managers, 318 questionnaires were filled and returned. The collected data was examined using SPSS (version 20) and AMOS (version 21).

Patient safety is the foundation of good patient care. Elder population is growing worldwide. Consequently, the population of hospitalized patients is aging as well. The care of geriatric patients must differ from the care of younger adults. Elderly patients are vulnerable to medical errors. Common medical errors in the elderly, such as falls, medication errors, can contribute to the prolonged hospital stay, readmission, nursing home placement and compromise return to independent living in the community.

Background: Diarrhoeal illness is a global leading cause of death in children under five years old worldwide but especially in developing countries. In Nigeria, it is the major cause of childhood mortality after malaria. Published extant literature reveals that the severest impact of diarrhoea is concentrated in rural areas where sanitation and hygiene practices are historically poor. Death due to diarrhoeal illness entirely preventable via timely health seeking behaviour and practices.

Background: Maxillary sinuses of various species are known to exhibit sexual dimorphism. The maxillary sinus in males is larger in volume than females in contemporary human populations. Hence, an attempt is being made to use the different dimensions of the maxillary sinus in the determination of sex using coronal, axial and sagittal sections of CBCT scan. Materials and Methods: A total of 175 CBCT scans of bilateral maxillary sinuses of 74 females and 101 males in the age group of 16 to 80 years, were retrospectively selected from the CBCT archives.

Objective: To find out the risk factors of hearing loss and its frequency in neonates Type of study: Descriptive study Study centre: Sree gokulam medical college and research foundation Inclusion criteria: Neonates born in sree gokulam medical college and research foundation from january 2015 to january 2016 Exclusion Criteria: Neonates with unilateral oae refer and those failed to get parental consent Method of study: Neonates born in sree gokulam medical college and research foundation from january 2015 to january 2016 were selected. Detailed history taken and examination done.

Objective: Objective of this study was to identify non invasive predictors for the presence of Esophageal varices in patients of liver cirrhosis without prior history of upper Gastrointestinal bleeding. Methodology: This cross sectional analytic study was conducted from August 2011 to July 2016 in the Department of Gastroenterology at Liaquat National Hospital Karachi and Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi.

Aim: This is a retrospectrive study done to study the incidence and results of all pediatric patients who reported to our hospital as case of fall from height. Materials and Methods: The records of all fall related patients in the age group below 15 years of age between June 2013 and June 2017 were analysed. Mortality in patients with associated extracranial injuries were not taken for the study (mortality was taken into account for purely craniocerebral neurosurgical patients). Results: Two thousand two hundred and sixty eight children were found to have fell from height.

Introduction: Diabetes mellitus is a cluster of abnormal metabolic disorder having common features of hyperglycaemia with a state of increased free radical activity. Chronic hyperglycemic status favours auto-oxidation and the formation of advanced glycation end products. Adenosine deaminase (ADA) is considered as a good marker of cell mediated immunity. Increased ADA activity in diabetic individuals couldbe due to altered insulin related T-lymphocyte function. Methodology: This study was done as case control study among 60 cases and 40 controls.

Introduction: Self-insertion of foreign bodies into the male urethra and urinary bladder for autoerotic stimulation is a rather rare emergency condition that an urologist may encounter. A case of an knotted electrical wire inserted in the male urethra and tip of the wire seen in external urethra and other end in the bladder is presented. Case presentation: A16 year old male presented with the inability to void and bloody urethral discharge after having introduced an electrical wire into his urethra for masturbation 24 hours earlier. He had made several unsuccessful attempts to remove it.

More than 80% of the known geminiviruses are transmitted by whiteflies (Bemisia tabaci Gennadius) and belong to the genus Begomovirus, which mostly have bipartite genomes designated as DNA-A and DNA-B and infect dicotyledenous plants although numerous begomovirus with a monopartite genome occur in the Old World and there are some of which a single components is not infectious yet no DNA-B component has been found. There have been several of reports of satellite molecules associated with begomoviruses.

Rupture of diaphragmatic hernia is a very rare life threatening situation in usually is followed by abstraction and strangulation of the herniated intra-abdominal organs such as colon, stomach and small bowel. Almost 50% of cases are misdiagnosed because of the non-specific manifestation of diaphragmatic hernia. The symptoms can be varied as the spectrum, from slight abdominal pain to acute abdomen or sever respiratory distress. High suspicion should be considered when the patient’s symptoms don’t response to usual supportive management.

Trypanosomes are flagellated protozoan, classified under the family Trypanosomatidae and known to cause serious disease conditions in all vertebrate animals under terrestrial and aquatic environments. The ubiquitous nature of the piscine parasite, warrants several vectors to accomplish their digenic lifecycle, involving arthropods and annelids.

Objective: To evaluate the predictors of persistent trophoblastic disease which can lead to early diagnosis and increase the response rate to treatment. So we have studied numerous factors between two groups of molar pregnancy, those who progressed to GTT and those who were treated after evacuation. Material and Methods: In this study, 227 patients with complete molar pregnancy, referred to our Gynecology Oncology center of Imam Hospital of Tehran University of Medical Science, Iran, were enrolled. Based on their progression to GTT, they were divided into two groups.

Arachnoid cerebral cyst in children are a pathology which induces fear, anxiety and false perceptions in the children’s affected family. Monitoring arachnoid cysts on long term can prevent the evolution of the child to a lower quality of life and the aggravation of the condition in some cases. Wetake in study 83 children which were diagnosed with computer tomography or magnetic resonance with arachnoidcerebral cystsin the period 2014-2016 and we applied on them a new grading scale for arachnoid cysts, arachnoid cerebral cysts children evaluating scale ( ACCES scale).

Gunshot injuries occur when oneis shot by a bullet or other sort of projectile from a firearm. Peace time gunshot injuries occur in a variety of different situations: criminal and terrorist incidents (including shots fired by law enforcement agents), attempted suicides as well as unintended firearm 'accidents' (both civilian and amongst the armed forces). Penetrating traumatic brain injury is the most lethal form oftraumatic head injury.

Transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) is a very well-known treatment used for non resectable hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). After chemoembolization, pancreatitis is a known but uncommon complication, result from local cytotoxicity or pancreatic ischemia due to reflux of chemoembolic material into pancreatic arterial branches. In this manuscript, we present a case of mild and self-limited acute pancreatitis post-chemoembolization, with successful conservative treatment.

Foreign body ingestions are encountered more frequently in children, elderly, mentally and physically challenged individuals when compared to normal and healthy individuals. In this report, a case of accidental ingestion of a hand pro taper file by a 9-year-old child is presented. The management of the incident, factors to be considered in management, possible complications, identification and management of complications have also been discussed. Recommendations for prevention of mishap has also been included.

Introduction: We compared the apical extrusion of sodium hypochlorite delivered with a conventional needle irrigation, passive ultrasonic irrigation and sonically driven system during the irrigation of root canals. Methods: Sixty single-canal teeth were divided into 3 groups. Teeth were embedded in 0.2% agarose gel (pH = 7.4) containing 1 mL 0.1% mCresol purple (titan media), which changes color at a pH level of 9.0. Root canals were irrigated with sodium hypochlorite using 3 different techniques, and the amount of irrigant was controlled.

A novel RP-HPLC method has been developed for the estimation of Gallic acid and Ellagic acid in Argwadharistam, which is popular herbal formulation. It is an ayurvedic formulation made out by Terminalia Chebula along with other ingredients. Studies have shown that it has used in all types of dermatitis.

Labial agglutination occurs when the labia minora have fused. These maybe either filmy or dense adhesions and form a raphe in midline.This condition is seen in paediatric population, prepubertal girls and also have been reported in reproductive age group and post- menopausal women. The possible etiology of this may be a hypoestrogenic state which leads to local irritation and inflammation. Here we present two cases – first a 24 years nulligravida, with labial agglutination which was refractory to conservative management. Second case – a 42 years unmarried female with dysuria.

The success of etoposide for the treatment of testicular cancer is limited by its undesirable side effects on reproductive system, which is generally ascribed to inflammation and oxidative stress. In the current study, the protective effects of montelukast and curcumin on etoposide-induced reproductive toxicity were investigated.Rats were divided into four groups; group 1 was kept as control.

Oral candidal infection is common among bronchodialator users irrespective of whether they use it as puff or as nebulizer. There are several theories and hypothesis on the role of Candida albicans in the oral cancer and initiation of oral malignancy. Though Candida has a pathogenic role in the oral cavity, C.albicans nitrosation are able to convert chemical compounds which are able to trigger proto oncogenes and initiate malignancy2 Aim: In the current study we aim to find out the different species of Candida that colonize the oral cavity of patients on broncho dialtors.

Background: Information on the prevalence of urinary incontinence in women with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is scant. Such knowledge may be important to the development of care for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary Disease. Objective: To find out the prevalence of urinary incontinence among Indian women with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Study design: Observational study. Subjects: 100 subjects with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease with age group between 30 – 40 years of female. Outcome measure: Questionnaire for Urinary Incontinence Diagnosis (QUID).

Objective: To evaluate knowledge, attitude, awareness towards orthodontic treatment among Engineering and Medical undergraduate students in Dakshina Karnataka. Method: A questionnaire was made of 22 closed ended questions to assess the awareness, knowledge and attitude of students towards orthodontic treatment. Two groups were made, group 1: engineering students, group 2: medical students, sample size was 600 in each group (rounded from n = 555).

The efficiency of hand drying is important in preventing pathogen spread, but knowledge regarding drying methods is limited. The proper drying of hands should be an integral part of the hand hygiene process in health care for controlling the infection spread. Hence, this study is undertaken to detect the bacteriological profile of the air from the hand dryers, thereby aiming to help investigate the cross contamination in addition to the hand drying action of the hand dryers. Objectives of the study: 1) To study the bacteriological profile of the air from the hand dryers.

Unicystic ameloblastoma is the benign, locally invasive odontogenic tumors which histologically shows typical ameloblastomatous epithelium lining part of the cyst cavity, with or without luminal and/or mural tumor growth. A case of symptomatic unicystic ameloblastoma in 16- year-old-female, who has treated by surgical decompression followed by enucleation in 2 stage surgery is presented.

Introduction: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a growing problem with adolescent girls. in addition young women during their reproductive years. It can be very difficult to diagnose PCOS in teenage girls as they often experience irregular or absent menses and acne. It is one of the most endocrine disorders with prevalence of 5%–10% in different ethnic populations and 22% of women in general population. PCOS is a heterogeneous endocrine disorder which affects one in 15 women worldwide.

Objective: To assess the clinical presentation, surgical management of thyroid disorders and complication of thyroid surgeries in the tertiary care set up. Methods: This article is an audit of the thyroid surgeries performed in the Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (ORL-HNS) department of Stanley Medical College and General Hospital, Chennai- 01, during the 6 year period from 2010 to 2017. The data was recorded on a pre designed proforma which comprehensively encompassed the relevant variables and outcome, which was interpreted systematically.

Objective: The purpose of this study was to compare the wicking properties of different multifilament sutures. Materials and Methods: Polyglycolic acid (PGA) 4-0 sutures and black silk sutures were placed in sheep blood agar media for 24 h and then suspended on a microscope slide. Fluorescein isoothiocyanate-dextran (FITC-D) was placed at the mid-point of the sutures and observed using fluorescence microscopy. The experiments were repeated, and the amount of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli was measured every 8 h.

Aim: The aim of the study is to evaluate the efficiency of hand held lentulospiral (HHL) and endodontic pressure syringe techniques in primary molar radiographically using endoflas obturating material. Background: Successful endodontic therapy needs preparation of an aseptic root canal and sealing of the root canal system. Many investigations have been carried out to evaluate and compare the success rate of obturating techniques for primary teeth and major research in the area of finding newer obturating techniques is ongoing.

The most common, convenient and preferred route of drug administration is oral route. Oral disintegrating tablets are the solid dosage forms that disintegrates in the saliva in less than 60 seconds, and are thus taken without the need of extra water. The oral disintegrating tablets are launched in 1980 and hence now-a-days it is one of the fastest growing segment of oral dosage form due to its improved solubility, stability and patient compliance.

Background: Diabetic keto acidosis (DKA) is one of the complicated stages caused by hyperglycemia and low/no levels of insulin in blood. DKA is more common in children with diabetic type 1 more than adult. Since there is lack of data, the present study was conducted to assess the prevalence of DKA among diabetic children visiting KASCH emergency room.

The operation of rhinoplasty in a remote Centre is always not based on aesthetic purposes, but related to the correction of septum to provide a proper airway. This is an account of septorhinoplasty done and the achieved results in our setup, a remote township of tamilnadu down south of India.

Aim: To compare the solubility of 5 different root canal sealers in water and in artificial saliva in 24, 48 and 72 hours. Methodology: For standardized rings were filled with epoxy resin (AH-Plus), Silicon based (Roekoseal), Calcium hydroxide based (Apexit plus), MTA based (MTA Fillapex), Zinc oxide eugenol (Prime Dental). These samples were then immersed in distilled water and artificial saliva for 24 hrs, 42 hrs and 72 hrs. The weight loss of the sample was determined by comparing the weight pre test and post test. The data was calculated and analysed using one way ANOVA test.

Background: In India, twenty one community based studies conducted over a period from 1964 to 2000 identified 0.48% to 29.40% of children who had mental illness. Prevalence rate of ADHD children in India is 12.82% reported by ICMR (1988-1991), 4.67% reported by AIIMS Delhi (1980-82). At least 3% of school age children suffer serious attention deficit problems.

Femoral hernias are relatively uncommon but are most common incarcerated abdominal hernias with strangulation of viscous carrying significant mortality. Femoral hernia has often been found to be the cause of unexplained bowel obstruction. Delay in diagnosis may occur, especially because a strangulated femoral hernia doesn’t always present with typical groin swelling and signs of strangulation. We report a case of 65 yr old female presenting with vomiting since 7 days, with a non tender swelling in right groin without signs of strangulation.

Periodontitis is one of the most prevalent chronic inflammatory diseases across the globe. The link between periodontitis and rheumatoid arthritis has been well established by various biologically plausible mechanisms in the past decade, however periodontitis being a polymicrobial disease has recently been found to initiate and maintain the auto-inflammatory response that occurs in rheumatoid arthritis.This article focuses on the role of hypercitrullination, as one of the pathologic link between the two forms of chronic diseases.

Congenital maxillo-mandibular fusion is a rare anomaly involving simple mucosal fusion or complete bony fusion that may lead to nutritional or respiratory problems in early and after birth due to restricted mouth opening. Early intervention is crucial to prevent ankylosis of the temporomandibular joint and to achieve complete jaw development. Herein, we present a rare case of maxilla-mandibular fusion in the context of associated therapeutic challenges.

Accurate pre-operative marking of important reference points should be undertaken to avoid distortion when placing sutures on the post-excision residual tissues after procedures such as abdomino-plasty and belt lipectomy performed to correct the excessive skin lagging after bariatric surgery.

Fine Needle Aspiration cytology plays a pivotal role in the management of palpable swelling. Breast swelling being easily accessible provides ideal ground for aspiration cytology.Although these swellings are more common in females, males are also prone to breast lesions because of change in dietary and lifestyle habits in India. The present study is undertaken to determine the prevalence of various spectra of male breast lesions diagnosed by FNAC and to assess the expression of hormone receptor in carcinoma breast by immunocytochemistry.

To evaluate & compare effect of different thicknesses of heat cure polymethyl methacrylate denture base resin at different time intervals in distilled water, artificial saliva and its combination on sorption and linear dimensional change.- An in- vitro study. Materials & Method: This was an invitro study where a total of 176 samples of heat cured polymethyl methacrylate were made. 44 samples each of 1mm and 2mm rectangular slab and 44 samples of each 1 mm and 2mm circular discs were made.

Non alcohol fatty liver diseases (NAFLD) is the most common chronic liver diseases and the early diagnosis is essential to prevent complications. There is need for development of noninvasive tool to determine the severity. Non alcoholic fatty changes in liver may be present in obese and diabetic patients and thus will alter the management. Since ultrasound is noninvasive technique for the diagnosis of fatty liver diseases in comparison with liver biopsy.

Background: Continued concerns for improvements in safety and quality of the perioperative setting (PS) process and outcomes drive the efforts in improving the interdisciplinary collaboration (IC) to match or supplant the change brought by innovation with better reflexivity through planning. PS professionals routinely engaged in surgery and recovery hold the prime insights into the active process of ICPS and are best capacitated to articulate their perspectives and priorities.

Urolithiasis is one of the most common diseases of the urinary tract. Ureteral stones account for 20% of the calculi in urolithiasis and about 70% of ureteral stones are present in the distal third of the ureter at the time of presentation. A conservative approach through medical expulsive therapy has now become an established treatment modality that employs various drugs acting on the ureter by different mechanisms.

Aim: We aim to identify the anatomical changes, of the anatomical relevant region on the spinal canal, lumbar vertebrae and intervertebral disc to determine the causes of pain in patient with lumbar disc herniation. Methods: The heights of vertebral body and intervertebral disc, anterior-posterior transverse diameters of disc herniation and sagittal-transverse diameters of spinal canal were measured on the T2-weighted axial and sagittal MRI. Measured values, gender, age and visual analogue scale (VAS) value were statistically compared in two groups and in two genders.

The occurrence of aseptic meningitis as a result of intravenous infusion of immunoglobulin is a rare complication (Approximately 1% of patients treated). We report our first case of a girl aged 9 years followed for hyper Ig M syndrome, having developed a febrile meningeal syndrome 7 hours after its first intravenous immunoglobulin infusion, The lumbar puncture showed pleocytosis (total cell counts: 90 cells) with 70% neutrophiles, cerebrospinal fluid(CSF) Chemistry was normal. CSF gram stain, culture for bacteria were negative. The outcome was favorable with analgesics.

Background: Various imaging modalities have been used by clinicians in the preoperative assessment of the third molar position. The aim of this study is to initiate and confirm a new classification for the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) injury with respect to positional relation between the tooth and the inferior alveolar canal (IAC) using Cone Beam Computed tomography (CBCT). Material and Methods: Mandibular CBCT scans were assessed randomly and were reviewed retrospectively. Patients with complicated mandibular third molars cases were then selected for the study.

Bioremediation is modern technique in remediation of pollution of environment. Now a days this technique is widely used for remediation of soil and water. According to literature surveysvarious microorganisms have the potential to degrade nitro-aromatic compounds, xenobiotics etc. The white rot fungi are found to excellent organisms for mineralization processes. The purpose of the study is to determine bioremediation potential for PNP by fungal strains.

Effective oral hygiene is a crucial factor in maintaining good oral health, & thus, overall health. The regular & effective removal of dental plaque is important to prevent common oral diseases like gingivitis & periodontitiseffectuated by use of interdental aids in addition to toothbrush. Dentists play a major role in creating awareness about the importance of interdental aids & motivating patients to use them.

Background: This study is to identify major cause of morbidity in near miss cases and measures taken to reduce morbidity and gravid complications. Method: 100 case of obstetrics patients with severe morbidity who survived has taken to study the cause of morbidity and interventions they have been through. Result: 34% patients had eclampsia, sever pre eclampsia; 21% had Anemia, 25% had PPH, 8% had rupture uterus, 7% had CVS disease, 3% had renal disease, 2% had coagulation defect.

Aim: Lymph node morphology does reflect certain parameters of immune responses. The study was aimed to evaluate, compare, and correlate the morphological changes and the type of immune responses in paraffin embedded lymph node sections of patients diagnosed with metastatic and non-metastatic oral squamous cell carcinoma. Methods: This study constituted a total of 29 histopathologically proven metastatic and 31 non-metastatic cases obtained from 60 oral squamous cell carcinoma patients.

Objective: Antibiotics are frequently prescribed in dentistry as a prophylaxis and/or for the management of infections in the oro-facial regions. It is known that indiscriminate usage of antibiotics often can lead to development of resistance and thus the topic is receiving a great deal of consideration in the literature. Most of the studies are conducted among dentist and was found that overuse and abuse of antibiotics are practiced. It is very important that dental students are cognizant and well-informed regarding antibiotics.

Background: Zygoma is a prominent bone in face and most commonly injured during trauma. Sensory disturbance of the Infra Orbital region and a palpable fracture displacement of the Infra orbital margins are the typical clinical findings of zygomatic complex fracture. In most cases fracture lines involve the Infra Orbital foramen, canal, or fissure, therefore, fractures of the zygomatic complex are characterized by sensory neuropathy (specifically hypoesthesia) in the area of innervations of the Infra orbital nerve, both as a presenting symptom, and as a postoperative complication.

Introduction: Acute febrile illness (fever of short duration 2-3 week) is a common presentation. This study is intended to know thrombocytopenia in patients of acute fever, its severity, cause and recovery. Aims and Objective: To clinically study thrombocytopenia in Aute Febrile Illness and the aetiology Material and Methods: The study was conducted on 100 patients who presented with fever of short duration in Darbhanga Medical College & hospital Results: Thrombocytopenia is very common in fever of short duration in all age groups ranging from 10 years to 80 years. Approx.

Six mixed breed dogs aged between seven to eight years were presented to the TVCC, CVSc & AH, CAU, Selesih, Aizawl, Mizoram with the history of anorexia, tenesmus, lethargy, dull and depressed with dribbling of foul smelling bloody urine for few days. Physical examination revealed slightly tensed abdomen with pale mucous membrane. Blood biochemical examination revealed significantly decreased haemoglobin, packed cell volume, total erythrocyte count, total protein and albumin with significantly elevated blood urea nitrogen, serum creatinine and leukocytosis with neutrophilia.

The accumulative capacity of erythrocyte membrane surroundings in relation to free protons, formed in the full 9 stepped cycle of proton conductance is one of more powerful factors influencing the antiobesity mechanism.

Background: Postoperative pain relief after caesarean section (CS) requires the balance between pain relief and side effects of the drug used or the procedure. Objective: To assess the role of post- operative analgesia using rectal diclofenac; and intra-muscular (I/M) pethidine; and their side effects in women delivered by cesarean section at Omdurman Maternity Hospital (OMH) 2017. Methods: This is a prospective cross-sectional hospital-based study conducted during the first six months of 2017.

Purpose: This is randomized, double blind, split mouth clinical study to evaluate the effectiveness of 6% ferric oxalate solution to prevent Root Sensitivity (RS) after periodontal flap surgery. Methods: 25 subjects requiring periodontal surgery in similar bilateral posteriors quadrants were evaluated for RS with tactile, hot and cold test using Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) at baseline and 1, 2, 4, 6 weeks after surgery. Randomization was done with coin flip method for test (6% ferric oxalate in 0.9% saline) or control (0.9% saline) solution for each patient.

Success of endodontic therapy depends upon combination of a three dimension fluid tight obturation along with adequate post endodontic restoration to make the pulpless teeth to function as an integral part of the dental arch. Post endodontic coronal restoration is important to prevent ingress of microorganisms into coronal pulp. When endodontically treated posterior teeth (with and without coronal coverage restorations) were compared, a significant increase in the clinical success was noted when cuspal coverage crowns were placed on maxillary and mandibular molars and premolars.

Objectives: To determine the prevalence of refractive error, color vision defects and squint in age group 6-16yr. Study Design and Setting: cross sectional study done in School of Mathura city. Study Period: September 25 th to 28th September 2017. Results: A total of 1000 students were subjected to eye check up, where a total of6-16years age group with (M:F ratio=0.97:1.Ocular morbidity was detected in 290(29%) ocular disorders.

Background: Mobile learning is a type of Technology of learning with portable hand held electronic devices such as Tablet, computers, net-books and digital readers to provide a myriad of opportunities to support learning and performance both inside and outside the class rooms. Aim: The study was aimed to assess and evaluate the use of mobile learning technology as an educational tool among the paramedical students of Biochemistry.

Background: Yoga produces consistent physiological changes and have sound scientific basis.Practice of Pranayam has been known to modulate cardiac autonomic status during follicular and late luteal phases of menstrual cycle due to fluctuations of serum estrogen and progesterone levels. Aims and Objectives: To study the impact of Nadishuddhi pranayama on perceived stress and vasomotor tone in the different of Phase menstrual cycle before and at the end of study period among young adult females. Materials and Methods: This study was carried out in 66medical students aged between 17–25 years.

This paper aims to appraise the pattern of government spending in Nigeria using a time series analysis to compare the nature of government spending between the Pre-Democratic era (between 1984 to 1998) and Democratic era (between 1999 to 2013), with a comprehensive approach and analytical outlook. The study employs secondary data and the data were analysed using the T-test model to test the statistical significance of the hypothesis.

A countries economic growth depends on many factors like Natural resources, human resources, physical capital, technological development, and social and political factors. This paper is investing the role of human capital in the economic growth of India. This study investigates the relationship between the human capital and economic growth in India from -1995 to 2014, Healthcare expenditure has been used as a proxy variable for human capital. This research paper is based on multiple linear regression models, and neo classical Solow production function.

The aim of the study is to understand the influence of internet usage and dependency on the psychosocial well-being of college students. The samples comprised of 1200 college students belonging to the age group of 17-21 years. Of the 1200, 600 belonged to government colleges and 600 were from private colleges.

This article aims to present some specific considerations about the guarantee in terms of participation offered to victims of armed conflict in Colombia. This is understood as a right that must radiate all public policy of victims and restitution of land Contained in Law 1448 of 201, its regulatory decree and the other rules that complement it.

The need for security has been one of the most basic needs of the human being since its existence. Society’s security and peace has been tried to be protected and guaranteed by creating military and similar organizations through the formation of cities and states since the first societies. Protecting citizens against internal and external threats is among the major basic tasks of the state. These powers are also provided by security forces on behalf of the state.

Iodine is one of the most important essential trace elements not only for plant but for human being and animal also. Plant derive iodine from soil but animal kingdom uptake it through food crops. North eastern region of India especially Assam is identified as iodine deficient state. It has been divided in six agro-climatic zones on basis of rainfall, temperature, humidity and soil. Three sites from each zone were selected for the study.

This research investigates the implementation of integrative tourism policy base on agro-tourism and fungtion in strengthening of tourism stakeholder in City of Batu Malang East Java Indonesia. An integrative policy in the development of tourism is a very important variable in the development of a city. Development program of the tourism sector, based on the Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD) 2012-2017 Batu, Batu directed as a center for international tourism based organic farming.

With rapid urbanization, the risk of disasters is increasing as more people and assets locate in areas of high risk. For instance, more than half of the world’s large cities, with populations ranging from 2 to 15 million, are located in areas of high earthquake risk. The impact of Disasters is even more pounding in these high risk areas. Disasters not only erode and destroy years of development gains, destroy assets, kill people and increase poverty but impact GDP directly especially in more vulnerable urban areas.

India is a agrarian country, having 2.4% of land resources, 4.0% of water resources feeding 11.6.% of livestock population and producing 18.5% milk of the world. The fact is that India is highest milk producer (155.50 million tonnes) of the world as well as of goat milk and second-largest producer of chevon in the world, even though country is second in goat population after China.

Sex ratio is the one of the good indicator or a way to know the women status in the society and even socio-economic conditions of a region. If sex ratio of an area is under stood then we can easily plan and comprehend demographic dynamism in terms of mortality, migration, economic characteristics, marital status etc. Sex ratio is a term used to define number of females per 1000 males. In this paper the present study reveals the tahsil wise sex ratio in the study region during 1901-2011.

The importance of Internal Audit in an organisation cannot be over emphasised. Decisions made by organisations are very crucial to the progress of the organisations. Due to lack of necessary internal audit procedures, organisations have become ineffective and Unprofitable. In the light of this problem, this study examined, the role of internal audit in enhancing transparency in public firms in Nigeria. The population of this study consists of the staffs of five selected public firms listed in Nigeria stock Exchange.

Around the world, four billion people lives in poverty and marketing firms are still struggling to turn them into customers. For the past decade, business visionaries have argued that these people, dubbed the “Base of the Pyramid”, make up an enormous, untapped market. Some of the world's biggest, savviest corporations have aimed to address their basic needs — by selling them everything from clean water to electricity and from FMCG to consumer durables. “Improving the lives of billions of people at the bottom of the economic pyramid is a noble endeavor. It can also be a lucrative one.

Makapuno binagol, a Philippine sweet dessert product, was processed using mature makapuno (VMAC5 variety). Meat from mature makapuno was initially shredded and steamed for 15 minutes. Refined, brown and muscovado sugar at 30%, 40% and 50% concentrations by weight were added to makapuno then mixed and soaked for 24 hrs before cooking. Finally, the cooked makapuno meat were packed inside coconut shell, sealed and sterilized at 15 psi for 15 min.

Dans cette recherche, nous nous sommes proposé de faire une étude de cas et de vérifier si les tresses sont porteuses de signes graphiques de symbolisme et de langage. En effet, les tresses sont une expression dans leur espace d’évolution et de transmission de symboles empreints de richesse, d’identité communautaire et de valeur culturelle indéniable. Les tresses sont un signe de reconnaissance individuelle et collective d’un groupe social depuis les temps anciens, en passant par ceux contemporains, jusqu’à nos jours.

L’étude a pour objectif d’analyser les impacts des conditions de détention sur les droits des détenus à la Maison d’Arrêt et de correction d’Abidjan (MACA). Cette recherche de type empirique reposant sur la méthode phénoménologique et a utilisé la recherche documentaire, l’observation non participante l’entretien et les analyses qualitative et quantitative comme méthodologie de recherche. Les résultats l’enquête révèlent qu’il y a un dysfonctionnement dans l’application des textes juridiques régissant le milieu carcéral.

In Indonesia, legal certainty is still becoming the main concern of the judges as the law enforcers. Actually, the purpose of law is not merely on legal certainty but also how to reach justice and usefulness for the justice seekers. This article analyses the legal issues on the relevance of the dynamics of thoughts by Karl Popper and Satjipto Rahardjo in the context of law enforcement in Indonesia’s judiciary practice and the development model of Indonesian judiciary practice based on Karl Popper’s theory and Satjipto Rahardjo’s progressivity of meaning.

The pervasion of internet technology in every nook and corner of urban as well as rural areas has lead to advent of online shopping stores. The on-line shopping is very popular these days in India because of comfort, availability of wider choice, discounted rates, easy mode of payment, easy delivery and return facilities. The present study was undertaken with the objectives to assess the online shopping practices of selected women of Ludhiana city, to gain an insight into the factors contributing to online shopping and preferred products for online purchase.

Education is emphasized as a significant factor in women empowerment because it helps them to react to the challenges, to tackle their traditional role and change their lives. Women’s education plays a very significant role in the growth and development of the country. The growth of women is largely determined by the social and economic factors which are highly influenced by the literacy and educational development. Empowerment of women means to enhance the women with power to make her decision or choice in all aspects like social, economic and political aspects through ensuring equality.

Autism is a multifaceted neurobehavioral state that includes impairment in social interaction and developmental stages combined with repetitive and rigid behaviours. Because of the range of symptoms, this condition is now called autism spectrum disorder. Autism spectrum disorder ranges from normal handicap to severe disability which may require special care. Thus the parents who are taking care of children with autism have to face lots of practical difficulties and challenges.

Plants are useful for treating a variety of diseases of man and also animals. The large no veterinary medicinal plants are found in Akola District of Maharashtra. The plant diversity of Akola district is rich and the tribal people and other depend on veterinary plants used for the treatment for different domesticated animals. Akola district is region of Amravati Division of Maharashtra state. The report focused ethano-veterinary information on 26 medicinal plants species belonging to 20 family, documented using local practitioners.

The Earth is an oblate spheroid rather than a perfect sphere due to the equatorial bulge because of Earth’s rotation around its axis. The Earth's terrain varies greatly but on a global scale the deviations in local topography are small compared to the Earth's radius. If we consider the Earth as a smooth sphere, as it appears from the space, ignoring the ups and downs of the terrain, what would the direction of movement of a person or an object moving towards the horizon on the Earth’s surface be – upwards, downwards or both?

Introduction: This study examined the influence of decision making stage on adoption of hydroponic technology in the implementation of dairy farming projects in Kajiado County, Kenya. The focus of this study was on how the use of hydroponic technology for fodder production enhanced dairy farmers’ productivity and income levels. Material and Methods: A sample of 110 respondents was selected using simple random sampling technique (Isinya, Loitokitok and Ngong) divisions in Kajiado County. Participants were dairy farmers practising zero grazing.

This is an attempt to lay focus on the features of Robert Frost’s poetry especially blending of realism and humanism as marked features of his poetry with a focus on a sympathetic blending of Man and Nature in his poetic realm, bringing home the point that Nature has been a rich ingredient in literature ever since man learnt to speak and write and all objects of nature like man, bird, beast, trees, flowers and all that man noticed around enveloped in a mysterious irresistible charm taking good shelter in the feelings and language outpourings of man about which Robert Frost has described in

Background: The change of policy direction of vocational education development needs to be directed toward the transformation of human resource quality, so as to increase the competitiveness in the labor sector. Aim: This study aims to find out how the contribution of Vocational High School in improving the quality of human resources and the partiality of the government in Situbondo District, East Java Province, Indonesia. Methods: The analysis was done by using qualitative descriptive method.

Purpose: Research in the field ofgender studieshave become a dynamic study area over the past few decades and is likely to become even more so as the importance of gender equality is rapidly gaining momentum. Therefore understanding gender differences will be viewed as increasingly important. India has been regarded as the youngest country in the world by the UN as it has the world’s second largest population.

Study on mental health has become the need of the hour as percent of youngster affected by it is increasing due to unnoticed and inappropriate treatments. Thus this study was carried out to known the level of mental health of the adolescent and the factors influence it. The findings reveals that moderate to high level of mental health was found among the adolescents and emotional stability was found to be the significant and foremost influencing factor of mental health.

Studies have shown that the greatest problem school administrators’ encounter today is “time poverty.” There is public concern on the use of allocated school time in Kenya. Teachers use out of class hours during holidays, weekends, morning and evening preps and physical education lessons to cover the syllabus. The teachers’ argue that the syllabus is overloaded to be covered within the allocated time but the Ministry of Education reiterates that the school time is adequate.

Due to the increasing pressure exerted on Protected Areas in Togo by neighboring populations, the fauna and its habitat are constantly threatened. To sustainably manage the natural potential of the complex, a thorough knowledge of the state of conservation of resources such as non-human primates appears necessary. Indeed, the numbers and distribution of non-human primates are true indicators of wildlife conservation in that their poaching is evidence of the scarcity of game because they are rarely targeted by hunters and poachers.

This study investigated influence of working conditions on teachers’ Job performance in public primary schools. Ugandans have often experienced teachers’ massive industrial action, amidst declining of their professional conduct in schools characterised by teachers’ poor time management, inadequate preparations, syllabus coverage and absenteeism. The study was guided by Convergent parallel mixed methods design specifically cross-section survey and phenomenological designs. Participants were sampled using both probability and non-probability sampling procedures.

The present work reports the findings of a close relationship existing between the motivational and dispositional component to develop critical thinking in university students of two academical Programs of Unidad Central del Valle in Tuluá, Colombia.

Employee retention is a critical responsibility for any organisation in today’s scenario due to immense competition which has aroused from globalization, urbanization and digitalization. It is not only necessary to attract the best talent but also to motivate and retain the right resources in an organisation. This research paper aims to review the findings of research papers of various authors to chalk out the factors that affect employee retention at workplace. This study examines ten critical factors that affect employee retention.

As is well known the chief objective of any economy revolves around growth of national income. India has been star post 2009 recession among all nations to sustain the pace of economic growth at a fair rate. However the nation faces challenges on many fronts. The synchronisation of the monetary and the fiscal policies play a crucial role in determining the rate and direction of growth. The present paper delves into the possible impact of money supply and other closely related variables like interest rate, inflation rate along with capital formation as a variable.

The International marketing has become now the need of the customers world wide due to availability off technology to communicate and share the services and purchase products form any other country at minimum cost and get the maximum benefit of the available resources at the customer side, As organizations continue to pursue more global strategies, the need to be able to understand consumers in far away places is increasing. Marketing primary mechanism through which companies understand their current, as well as potential, customers.

This study aimed to determine the frequently used words in the campaign speeches of President Donald J. Trump and to find out if the modes of persuasion, such as pathos, ethos and logos are employed in his speeches. This study utilized the qualitative method of research in analyzing the corpus (12 campaign speeches).

As access to the Internet broadens and with the advent of tools that allow people to create content, the amount information to which we have access grows exponentially. Texts written about various subjects and by countless authors are produced every day. It is impossible to absorb all the information available or to select the most adequate piece of information for a certain interest or public.

This study presented a secondary analysis of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) dataset. The paper examined the impact of reading-related computer use on 2015 NAEP reading scores of fourth grade students, particularly those of lower socioeconomic status. The findings include (1) the average scale score of students of lower socioeconomic status was significantly lower (M=209, SD=.4) than students of higher socioeconomic status (M=237, SD=.3) by 28 points.

The concept of Green Accounting can be viewed as an extension of the original concept of national economic accounts formalized in the Standard National Accounts (SNA) framework. In India, public awareness towards the environment has grown tremendously since the ‘70s, when laws for the protection of the environment were passed. Smt. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister felt the necessity of healthy environment and expressed her strong opinion in favor of the environment at the United Nation’s Conference on the human environment in Stockholm, 1972.

Domestic violence is a pattern of assaultive and coercive behaviors, including physical, sexual, and psychological attacks, as well as economic coercion, that adults or adolescents use to gain power and control over their intimate partners. Domestic violence is lethal, common, and affects people of all cultures, religions, ages, sexual orientations, educational backgrounds and income levels. The frequency of domestic violence in urban areas is high tendency than the rural areas. The possibilities of domestic violence are more rampant in rural areas.

The field of image processing, image quality assessment is a fundamental and challenging problem with many interests in a variety of applications. Dynamic monitoring, adjusting image quality, optimizing algorithms and parameter settings of image processing systems are benchmarking in image processing system and algorithms. In this paper using such techniques we are going to analysis the detection of diseases like tumour for the ease in medical use.

The man–eater of Malgudi is a modern version of the ancient tale of Bhasmasura, a demon. The point that Narayan uses the Bhasmasura, myth in The man - eater of malgudi is evident. In his essay “Gods, Demons and modern times.” Narayan describes how once suddenly he came upon a theme that struck him as an excellent piece of mythology in modern dress, published under the title, “man eater of malgudi” and how, “I based this story on a well – known mythological episode the story of Mohini and Bhasmasura.” Further, the novel itself bears reference to the myth twice.

Emotional intelligence helps the individual to meet the demands of the society and provide a feeling of self-satisfaction. According to the Bar-On (1997) model, emotional intelligence is an emotional competencies, skills and facilitators that determine how well we understand and express ourselves, understand others and relate with them, and cope with daily demands, challenges, and pressures. Job satisfaction is based on one’s feelings or state of mind regarding the nature of work. The happier people are with their job, the more satisfied they are said to be.

Objective: This study evaluated the short-term clinical benefits of two systemic antibiotic regimes added to the nonsurgical periodontal treatment of generalized aggressive periodontitis. Materials and Methods: The patient records were reviewed and 45 patients were selected and divided into the following three groups: Scaling and root planning (SRP) only (group C); SRP plus azithromycin (AZT group); and SRP plus metronidazole and amoxicillin (M + A group). The periodontal indexes were recorded at baseline and 3‑month posttherapy.

Purpose: The research paper aims at bringing to light the impact of Indian Ethos and ethical values in management and leadership roles. The management and leadership roles have always been governed by a set of principles that provide growth and discipline in an organizational environment. Methodology- A qualitative study on the books and documents of the researcher from the database of 2013-2017 is used to determine necessary understanding on the topic of study. The review of the article provides clarity on the topic of the research paper.





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